Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/13

An unreasonable raise

So the city council appears to be set on spending our tax dollars on a hefty salary for a new city manager. I really don’t want to hear about salaries comparable to other cities the size of San Luis Obispo. Comparing our city to Hanford? You’ve got to be kidding.

I’m a former educator and know too many people who take lower incomes so they can live in our wonderful city or surrounding areas. Why not start the new city manager at the present salary and give her a $10,000 raise over the next three years according to performance?

I’m a little touchy about this subject. A couple of years ago, because of a disability, we had to purchase a one-level home built in 1987 that had approximately 400 square feet more than our present house. Our taxes went up over 1,000 percent.

Nick Auyong

San Luis Obispo

Hurtful hunting

I wish to thank John Lindsey and The Tribune for the informative article about the brant geese, some of which are currently visiting Morro Bay (Birds fly up to 100 mph, arrive here in 55 hours, Nov. 22).

They are indeed a beautiful and unique bird. However, the article failed to mention the soothing cooing sound they emit and that after flying thousands of miles to get to Morro Bay, they are greeted by shotgun blasts. These shotgun blasts not only disrupt the lives of the brant geese but the lives of many of the residents and visitors to Morro Bay.

People say there are plenty of brant geese and hunting does not seriously affect their well-being. I am suspicious. Seems to me that has been said about other species that are now threatened. I doubt that there will ever be too many brant geese.

I know the shotgun blasts disrupt my life. The Fish and Game Department doesn’t seem to care about how the hunting affects kayakers, photographers and the other thousands of people who must endure the discomforting sound of shotgun blasts. What can be done to stop this insanity?

Bill Hill

Los Osos

De Vaul’s good idea

Let me see, if I were homeless, would I choose to sleep under a bridge where the weather can go below 30 degrees or would I choose to sleep in a warm barn that isn’t up to code? So many decisions to make. Myself, I would take the barn.

Ronald Mac


Face the facts

In regards to the letter on global warming, Larry Trine feels the same way as the great steward of our planet, Rush Limbaugh (Global warming a hoax, Dec. 6).

All the legitimate science organizations like NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and many others are in agreement that we are altering our weather.

The problem I have with the political debate on global warming is that we’re so busy yelling hoax or doomsday that we’re missing the point.

In most cases, where there’s carbon dioxide, there’s pollution. Whether it’s coal, fossil fuels, overpopulation or livestock, it’s still pollution.

Carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen oxide, mercury and other heavy metals, along with hundreds of other nasty things find their way into our water. More than 40 percent of our waterways are so polluted that not only can we not drink it, we can’t even go in it.

Most world corporations do not care about anything but profits and will do anything to debunk environmental damage theories.

If we want to be gluttonous Americans, we need to do it green.

As a registered Republican and a Christian, I believe our planet is a gift. If that’s a religion, so be it.

John Shemick


See the Sea Life

In regards to Linda A. Groover’s letter (Imagine an aquarium, Dec. 8): we would like to suggest she visits the Web site www.avilamarine.org.

The Sea Life Center in Avila Beach, formerly known as the Avila Beach Marine Institute, is totally being remodeled with all kinds of interesting and interactive exhibits and will soon be hosting visitors of all ages. Additionally, classes are held during the school year, and summer camp has been available for the past two summers.

The annual SeaFare fundraiser that is held in October of each year (10 years now) highlights the accomplishments of the center and serves as a fun-filled evening for people who want to show their support.

Cal Poly is also working with the center in some collaborative efforts. It’s a wonderful place to bring the family and definitely deserves the backing of our community!

Carol Kiessig