Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Hasay Coverage

Share the wealth

I’m glad The Tribune continues to cover and report on Jordan Hasay. She is world class, and she is ours. It was great watching her grow up and excel both on the athletic field and in school.

That said, I agree with Morris Sealy (No more Hasay, Dec. 10) that there are many other local athletes who deserve some press coverage. I don’t think it is a case of one or the other.

Julie Moody


Showing support

I am in favor of giving equal time to all and open to all thoughts. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I will agree with you, and Morris Sealy is one of those people I don’t agree with (No more Hasay, Dec. 10).

I do not know Jordan Hasay personally, but my wife and I are following her life and her goals with happiness for her and her family. This young lady has done so much and not just locally, but nationally and globally. I was involved in sports as a younger man, and I know that those who do well will get mentioned. Well, I would just like to mention Sealy right now. Of all the “bah humbugs” of the season, you win Sealy.

George Edwards

Paso Robles

Doesn’t make sense

So Morris Sealy doesn’t want to see coverage of Jordan Hasay in The Tribune (No more Hasay, Dec. 10)? Not only is it a little hurtful to Hasay and her family, it doesn’t make sense. Would you rather the paper not cover LeBron James, Manny Ramirez or Tiger Woods? OK, I’ll concede we’ve heard enough of Woods, but you get the idea.

Hasay is a superstar, verging on world-class athlete. I am looking forward to coverage every time she steps foot on the track, including her visits to the medal platform in the next two or three Olympic games.

Mike Stiles

Los Osos

Let’s have more

In a letter, Morris Sealy writes “enough is enough” in reference to coverage of Jordan Hasay (No more Hasay, Dec. 10). I counter with “more.”

I so enjoy reading about her and seeing her pictures. I predict she will be the first female to run a four-minute mile. I remember trying to do a triathlon when I was young (79) and as she passed me she yelled out “you’re doing great!” — from a 13-year-old.

Hasay is an inspiration to everyone. We need more young people like her. Keep up your excellent coverage.

Bill Denneen