Letters to the Editor

Viewpoint: We want that sewer now

The other night in Los Osos, after deciding against a bath in brown water, I decided to speak up. I have remained silent because I have a small job at the Public Works department. But when my water turns brown, I’ve had it. Stop slowing down the sewer! We want it, and we want it now. I have long applauded Lisa Shicker, Julie Tacker, et al. because I thought it was insane to put the sewer in the center of town. Especially after everything kept changing for the worse once we voted for it. So Shickera and Tacker, thank you for your courage, determination and hard work in getting that done.

But now that the sewer is taking shape, I’m still seeing Los Osos strife and mounting legal fees that are just going to cost us even more.

Accusations are being made about the people I work with, and as a fellow Los Ososite owner in the prohibition zone, I do have a viewpoint that my neighbors don’t see, such as the hard work and care that has been given in planning our sewer, the earnest effort that was made to rightly gauge what the people of Los Osos want and how the faces light up around here when prospects look good for getting grants to help fund it all.

You don’t know how hard it has been to see the enthusiasm to help our little town be continually bashed with criticism and complaints by a very small minority that doesn’t seem to be happy with anything.

I have worked with these people for three years now, and not one of them is chuckling and rubbing his hands together with plots to destroy our little town. On the contrary, everyone here has done his level best to try and save us. I have overheard conversations of concern, especially for the elderly on fixed incomes. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I’m a good judge of character, and I have been so impressed by the even keel of positive leadership that Public Works Director Paavo Ogren continues to provide in his efforts to help Los Osos with a solution, even while smear campaigns are leveled against him.

I know it’s scary. I’m looking at the same looming cost as everyone else in our town. We had a chance to do it ourselves, but we blew it. I think it’s time we get on board and get the job done. And don’t anybody ever mess with my hot bath again.

Jen Wooley lives in Los Osos.