Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/10

What we fight for

The Taliban and al-Qaida have interests and ambitions as expressed and acted on that are not dissimilar to those expressed by Nazi Germany and imperial Japan.

At that time, we mobilized and fought a second world war. As a nation, we all understood what we were fighting: a totalitarian idealism to subject our democracy to a dictatorship.

Is this not the ambition of al-Qaida and the Taliban? Do not underestimate the ability of terrorism, it’s an ancient art. 9/11 attests to that.

I would also like to point out that al-Qaida and the Taliban, although wrapping themselves in the Koran, does not make them Muslim in their heart and soul.

This we should not confuse with Islam.

Let us recognize the true ideology that we are fighting for. I truly think we are fighting for the same ideals we fought for for the people of Europe, but now we are fighting for the people of Afghanistan. Are they any less than us if we were in their place? I hope not.

Consider your concerns for your family’s future. Consider your concerns for your family’s future if you were an Afghan.

Think about it.

William Hartwick

Morro Bay

Paso needs positive

Is it just the times we are in or has Paso Robles lapsed back to the cow-town malaise of the 1970s? Where have the positive outlook voices gone?

City officials were “disappointed” by the recent results of the failed Nacimiento water funding vote. That tepid response closed a citywide lack of initiative to promote and turn out the positive vote needed to pass this issue.

The failure of this issue to pass was due in part to a well-organized in-town negative campaign. Communities do not grow and prosper by means of negative efforts.

A positive in-town effort resulted in the original Niblick Street crossing of the Salinas River.

A positive citizen effort led to the transportation center and retention of local Amtrak services.

A positive local effort sustained the “Fix Highway 46” campaign and widening of the highway.

As Adam Hill and Frank Mecham so well said, “Doing nothing and merely hoping that public and private coffers will fill again is not what the future demands from its current leaders.” To continue to prosper, Paso Robles sorely needs a new voice and a return to the norm of a positive can-do citizenry.

Frank McKee

Paso Robles

No more Hasay!

Enough! I am sure Jordan Hasay is a fine young woman, but please, enough is enough. How many stories do we need about her? You write a story about her once a month, if not two or three times a month. There are hundreds of student athletes in the county who have never been covered once.

Spread the wealth, let another young athlete see their names in the paper.

Morris Sealy


Inefficient program

So, another huge grant to law enforcement to battle drunken driving in San Luis Obispo County (“County gets grant to battle drunken driving,” Nov. 29). More checkpoints and increased patrols plus this statement from Arroyo Grande Police Department Cmdr. Chuck Gerhart: “If we make one DUI arrest, then that whole checkpoint is worth it.”

Well, balderdash. Statistically speaking, one arrest out of perhaps 950 persons stopped and hassled in an attempt to ferret out an alcohol-related driving infraction is not a good cost to performance ratio and is more wishful thinking than good police work.

What this grant does do, besides line the pockets of the law enforcement personnel engaged in carrying out this widespread exercise in futility, is shred the basic legal tenet of probable cause. Whatever happened to that anyway?

Other than make the officers feel self-important, this grant money does little to stop alcohol abuse by the general public. Instead, it angers, delays and inconveniences thousands of law-abiding folks who deserve better from their law enforcement brethren like increased foot patrols, more efficient crime-solving and better communication with the very people they are sworn to serve and protect.

John Winthrop


Youth Medicare

As a pediatrician with 50 years of experience, I see no other way to meet the health care needs of the fetuses, newborns, infants, children and adolescents of the United States than by promptly extending Medicare to all mothers and youngsters under the age of 20.

Congress must act now to immediately correct the high infant and maternal mortality rate in the United States, higher than almost every other industrialized nation.

Dr. Donald Pinkel

San Luis Obispo

Pull out military

The threat that most dominates the public’s attention is not those dissident Islamic forces that, we are told, are poised to strike another blow, but the very forces that are supposed to be protecting us — the military and industrial crowd.

In order for them to maintain their power, they need a reason, a purpose, a goal and for this they have established “The War on Terror” based on the fraudulent 9/11 travesty.

Joseph Goebbels said if you can maintain a sense of fear in the populace, you can create almost any nefarious program you wish.

The latest example of this would be the buildup of American forces in Afghanistan. Why is it that our government feels exempt from the power of history is beyond understanding. We must remove all traces of the military in Afghanistan and work with other countries to help build up the Afghan infrastructure.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande