Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/09


I am greatly disappointed in President Obama. The additional troops he is sending to Afghanistan won’t get rid of the terrorists. More of our troops will senselessly lose life and limb. He undoubtedly is doing it to win re-election in 2012 because his doesn’t want to be known as being soft on terrorists. Which is very, very sad.

We know that Afghan-istan is corrupt because a United Nations-backed panel threw out nearly a third of the votes in the Hamid Karzai election because of fraud.

In Vietnam, the United States supported corrupt leaders and in the end lost, after the senseless loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, including 58,000 American troops and hundreds of thousands of wounded, including more than 150,000 American servicemen. Plus who knows how many thousands of veterans with mental illnesses, many still lost, homeless souls camping and scrounging around the Central Coast today.

It should at least be a pay-as-you-go war, like World War II, so everyone feels some effect.

Roy Berger, World War II veteran

Arroyo Grande

Thanks from friends

We, the friends of Charles Tamae, would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire community for any and all efforts to help locate our good friend. Everyone’s contributions were greatly appreciated.

Friends of Charles Tamae

O’Reilly free speech

I respect Bill O’Reilly’s opinion (“Have yourself a Godless little Christmas,” Dec. 5), but he completely misses the point. He enjoys the freedom to express his opinion but wants to stifle others. That is what this country is all about. We get to say what we think, even when others disagree.

One cannot believe in God and still celebrate Christmas. People who don’t believe in ghosts celebrate Halloween. And what about the Easter Bunny? Voltaire said it best: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Go ahead and slam the atheists, but don’t attack their freedom of speech.

Chris Black

San Luis Obispo

Manifest destiny

Manifest destiny is alive and well in this country, except it has changed its focus from killing Native Americans and stealing their land to a Christian focus. The Christians are trying to steal the country from everyone by condemning everything that does not fit their concept of reality. Sound familiar? 

Look at the sanctity of marriage idea. It’s OK to beat your spouse, have multiple spouses and to divorce your spouse, but never OK to allow gay marriages since this does not fit the mold. Consider the treatment of Native Americans’ religion. From the get-go, the Christians set out to destroy their culture, religion and everything else about their way of life. Then they preach tolerance, but only if the tolerance agrees with what they believe.

I do fear for my country and hope I don’t live to see the day Christians take over this country because at that time, America becomes a third-world country and will slip into obscurity.

Leroy Bosanko

Paso Robles

Tort reform overdue

Ralph Bush’s letter in The Tribune (A simple answer, Nov. 28) had two suggestions for the health care bills now being debated in Congress. I heartily agree that it would be good to allow all the health insurance providers to offer their products in all 50 states. And we have needed tort reform for at least 20 years.

Doris Highland

San Luis Obispo

‘Texified’ health care

In response to Ralph Bush’s letter (A simple answer, Nov. 28), he seems to want to “Texify” American health care. Enron wanted to “Texify” energy pricing and distribution. George Bush wanted to “Texify” Social Security by privatizing it.

Where would Grandma be now if “W” had gotten his wish? Ralph Bush might want to experience Texas health care and stay down there for a good long while. He could be closer to his world-renowned George W. Bush.

If Texas wants to secede, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I don’t know why Texans seem to hate other Americans so much. Texas thinks it is its own country anyway (call it Texaco), a country of pirates, and I’ve been told they think they are better than everyone else.

I suspect that Ralph Bush’s facts are the very ones supported by the drug companies and the for-profit insurance companies.

The majority of the people and the American Medical Association and AARP all support a public option plan. Making all insurance companies nonprofit would be best, like health care was before it became “for-profit” health care.

Scott Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

Holiday display

In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to invite the young and young-at-heart to travel down El Dorado Street in Los Osos to view my yard display featuring Sesame Street, celebrating its 40th year, along with the Peanuts gang aboard the Christmas Express with Snoopy at the controls. In full animation, it all comes alive each evening at sundown. Merry Christmas!

Ken Hanson

Los Osos

Misfired brickbat

The Dec. 4 bouquets and brickbats editorial chastising the generosity and help provided by one of the jurors to Dan De Vaul was very offensive (De Vaul juror guilty of waffling, Dec. 4). Your attempt to degrade this woman who felt bullied and intimidated during jury deliberations left me feeling sick and angry.

My wife and I will now be reconsidering our subscription to The Tribune. A public apology to this woman would be the moral thing to do on your part.

Steve Ripple

Paso Robles

How crashers got in

The administration will soon report that the White House party crashers can be blamed on George Bush. Seems he left the key under the mat when he left.

Bill Hoak


Stop Obama

Our government representatives should be urged to vote against the health care bill. This program will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. First the bailouts and now this. Polls show that the majority of Americans are against this plan.

President Obama must be stopped. If the people don’t want it, then it’s obvious that it is a social-ist plan being pushed through by Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for their own self-gratification and control of the people. It is obvious this health plan will be rationed, as evidenced by the recent government announcement that women don’t need annual pap smears and mammograms. That’s just one of the first clues.

Does everyone like being told who, when and where we may see a doctor? Do you enjoy seeing our once respected country being ridiculed and becoming the laughing stock of the world? Do you really believe that Obama has instilled respect from Venezuela, Iran, China, Korea, France, Germany, Russia and Czechoslovakia, as well as other nations? They are not quite laughing in his face.

Leona Thomas

Paso Robles