Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/8

Deficit reduction

Government often spends today from future revenue sources, creating the considerable deficits we see. The populace at the deficit point-in-time are, in essence, spending from the future without the requirement to pay back on the burden.

I am suggesting a method of reconciliation for two reasons: to pay off on a future debt (ethics), and to minimize unnecessary current expenditures via an added incentive to not overspend.

The reconciliation would occur through a negative coefficient placed on earned Social Security benefits. A deficit year would reduce future earned benefits on each person for that same year, being a percentage reduction based on the magnitude of the deficit.

This reconciliation places the debt load on the spending generation — this will lead to more wise spending and less waste.

K.A. Klis

Arroyo Grande

Imagine an aquarium

Recently, Supervisors Adam Hill and Frank Mecham wrote about economic development (“Supervisors speak on development strategy,” Nov. 22). How about getting the wheels moving for an aquarium in San Luis Obispo County?

The land in Avila Beach where Chevron took down its tanks is still not developed. Imagine Chevron, Cal Poly and the county getting together to build an aquarium here.

There is no aquarium between San Diego and Monterey. I believe it would be a great fit for our county. Our wonderful San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden is a popular draw for tourists and local citizens. An aquarium would be a great complement to it.

Linda A. Groover

San Luis Obispo

Weather Watch

John Lindsey’s “Weather Watch” column is wonderful. The man actually makes watching weather interesting, and his explanations are clear and informative.

His column about brant geese (Birds fly up to 100 mph, arrive here in 55 hours, Nov. 22) was a great one, along with his spectacular photo of a goose flying in Morro Bay. Thanks for featuring his columns.

Pat Cowdery


Part of the solution

Congratulations to the county Board of Supervisors for moving forward with the Los Osos sewer project. There are no easy solutions for water shortages and wastewater distribution problems. Doing nothing is not a solution.

Also, I applaud Supervisors Frank Mecham and Adam Hill for their newest venture of creating an economic development strategy for the county (Supervisors speak on development strategy, Nov. 22).

As a past member of the Paso Robles Planning Commission, I too learned that a partnership of ideas brings solutions to tough issues. Complaining doesn’t help.

Get involved and be part of the solution.

Christie Wither

Paso Robles