Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/06

The health care pig

Our current health insurance system is a pig. The reform being debated in Congress is akin to picking the right shade of lipstick to put on the pig. As long as profit remains the prime driver of our system, Americans will continue to pay more money for less care than any other country.

Profit in industries like cars, computers and refrigerators is not a bad thing. In fact, it spurs innovation and efficiency. But while Wall Street, big pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies have made lots of money for shareholders and a few executives, a company’s bottom line should not figure into decisions about who gets treated and who does not, who lives and who dies.

Some things don’t have a price tag — they have a value. Health care is one of those things like education, infrastructure, police and fire protection that benefits everyone. It is sad to see Congress twist itself into knots to pass this bill that funnels most of its billions of dollars, through mandated coverage, to the very insurance companies that are the heart of the problem. Oink, oink.

Ken McDaniel

Arroyo Grande

Global warming a hoax

Global warming ideology is a religion. Anyone who disagrees is called a heretic. It has been so politicized that it is creating a major industry. There is mounting evidence that the idea of the main cause (carbon dioxide) is a giant hoax.

All real scientific evidence is pointing toward a significant and natural climate change. The following is the result of peer-reviewed scientific evidence for this:

If you are one in the “warming hoax religion,” look it up.

Larry Trine

Los Osos

What other options?

In his speech at West Point, President Barack Obama said that the Afghanistan war is of “vital” importance to America and the “world.” He also said the he would escalate troop levels for a three-part war strategy.

For 18 months, the increased American force, with NATO support, will break the momentum of the Taliban, deny safe haven to al-Qaida and train Afghanistan security forces.

After that, Afghanistan forces will control Taliban momentum and deny al-Qaida safe haven.

The 18 months is only a target, but the expressed purpose of the timeline is to establish urgency and pressure the Afghanistan government for commitment to the war strategy. In the end, this vitally important “world” matter depends on an Afghanistan government that has been coerced into action and commitment.

I can’t believe that leaving now and seeking other options could be any more uncertain. Of course, the president didn’t tell us why other options would cause greater hardship and loss of life than escalating the war. He didn’t even say that he had considered other options.

Pat Moore

Morro Bay