Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/03

Despicable ploy

Christianity has been increasingly inclined to align itself with science and lay claim, directly or indirectly, to its principles and the results of its vast body of work (ie: intelligent design, creation science, Christian science, etc.).

The recent attempts to reach the masses by hiding within a tainted version of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” — the most important science book of all time — are despicable and offensive.

The problems realized by traditional religion in the face of modern science cannot be overcome without fundamentally altering the nature of that religion.

The process of evolution is simply genetic changes occurring over a period of time in living things. Those who study these changes know they occur. They have measured them and often can determine when they took place.

It is fact that scientists have seen these changes, and whether compatible with religion or not, evolution is true. Darwin revolutionized our understanding of life, and it is time we accept this.

Thomas Byerly

Shell Beach

Priority on students

I knew David Pelham when he was the president at College of the Siskiyous in Northern California, before he came here. I was delighted when he accepted the top job at Cuesta College. In my view, he is one of the most talented public education executives today.

While community colleges have always struggled, it is nothing at all like today’s post-Proposition 13 atmosphere, with winner/loser union contracts, steadily declining tax bases, a deepening recession and more.

The Tribune said Pelham “was right to resign” (Opinion of The Tribune, Nov. 18). I agree, but for other reasons, like his mental and physical health and his profess-ional reputation.

Cuesta College could be so much more than it is. There has been a needless political poison on the campus for far too long, complicated by insufficient state funding. As his friend, I’m glad he has chosen to go where his talent will be recognized.

The Tribune’s editorial suggested the trustees “get it right” by choosing the right president who will be the right fit for our community. A good idea, but the priority should also be what’s best for the students and their future employers, not self-protection and preservation of the status quo.

Lee Ferrero

Los Osos

Beautiful Higuera

Whoever came up with the idea years ago of planting the trees on Higuera Street must have had a vision. I hope they are still around today to enjoy the results. Higuera Street may be the most beautiful main street in America.

Henry Schaufus

San Luis Obispo