Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Dan De Vaul

Community effort

Why is it that anyone who wants Dan De Vaul to obey the law (under which we all live) must somehow be anti-homeless, someone who hates De Vaul or a rich elitist?

His supporters claim that the county is doing nothing to help the homeless or that the county should gift him public funds to help him fix his property.

They don’t talk about the diversion of resources needed to send code enforcement out repeatedly to do their legally mandated job after he agreed to, but backed out of, several cleanup plans or what it costs to finally have to take the recalcitrant De Vaul to court. They don’t explain how a junkyard that De Vaul put there before the homeless arrived is supposed to help them.

Fixing homelessness is going to take a community effort of people working within the law. The laws are there to keep us safe. If De Vaul wants the help of the community, he should ask for it and accept responsibility for his choices.

To demagogue the issue and demand the county and general public ignore his culpability in his two misdemeanors by using the homeless as a shield is not accepting that responsibility.

Jim Hubbard

San Luis Obispo

Careful what you wish

The Dan De Vaul issue escalates with national media coverage. It’s important to remember that county officials are following the mandates and laws set forth. This is their job. Be careful what you wish for.

I wonder if any of you who are so outraged over De Vaul’s treatment have considered the precedent being set if the laws are ignored for De Vaul as a “special case.” Once the rule is broken, subverted or bypassed, then some lawyer will make a convincing argument that it should be done so again.

I also wonder why so many of you aren’t channeling your outrage toward helping De Vaul bring his property into conformance with the code? Donate your time, money and efforts to haul vehicles or improve condemned structures, etc. What are you waiting for?

Instead, you seem to be forcing your beliefs on those of us who may not look so kindly on non-law-abiding residents of our county and may not believe that his motives for such disruption are as altruistic as you believe they are. And you are forcing these beliefs by demanding that the laws change for one man instead of helping the one man change to fit within the laws.

Karin Gray

Los Osos

The good ol’ boys

Just heard on the news that Dan De Vaul might get his day and be on ‘Good Morning America’ as well as the ‘Larry King Live’ show. It’s about time the crooked “good ol’ boy system” we have in our local government that includes, but is not limited to, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, the District Attorney’s Office and, yes, the Sheriff’s Department, will be exposed.

Yes, the “good ol’ boys” will be exposed. As they say, every dog, or in our county’s case “dogs,” have their day. Alas, the “good ol’ boys” will be exposed.

Maybe our county still has a chance. We are all behind you, De Vaul. I say you run for supervisor!

Donald Lelay

Morro Bay

Petty laws

Thank you, Judge John A. Trice, for sending that dangerous Dan De Vaul to jail. I feel so much safer when I walk the streets at night. What? He’s already bailed out?

Seriously, I am glad that De Vaul was home for Thanksgiving and the fact that an ex-juror bailed him out says something about how many of us in this county feel about this case.

I was ready to put up $5 and see how long it would take to find 999 other people who were willing to do the same. Yes, there are code violations on his property and he is a stubborn individual, but I agree with the folks who wrote letters in the Nov. 25 edition of The Tribune that we should be helping him rather thanhindering his efforts to help others.

We should be thankful for what he is giving the community rather than nitpicking him with petty laws.

Brent Dannells

Grover Beach