Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/02

Meals on Wheels

Recently, due to a severe medical situation in my family, I turned to Meals on Wheels for help. I was tremendously impressed with the meals provided.

The meals are always fresh, well-cooked and seasoned and affordable. The servings are very ample with meat, vegetables, a starch, bread, butter, salad and dessert. The volunteers that deliver the food are very cheerful, caring and friendly.

At this time of year, we get dozens of requests for charitable contributions and I would like to encourage the people of San Luis Obispo County to consider contributing to Meals on Wheels. Although they do not solicit for funds, they can always use them and they certainly appreciate them. They care for residents of our area who are in need. Remember, “charity begins at home.”

Margaret Voakes

Arroyo Grande

Hats off

I appreciate Adam Hill and Frank Mecham taking a proactive position on the need for a “stronger, more diverse and more creative local economy” (Supervisors speak on development strategy, Nov. 22).

It is refreshing to see our elected officials lay out a framework that can involve a joint partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve something that will benefit every segment of our community.

It will be important to assemble a wide variety of interests to create ways to encourage new businesses and to support and foster existing businesses. I believe Hill and Mecham are correct in saying that this effort should cut across all interest groups.

I hope it motivates the various existing community institutions (for example, the chambers of commerce, the Economic Vitality Corporation, etc.) to collaborate more effectively instead of working independently as they often seem to do. Perhaps Hill and Mecham can provide the necessary leadership to create a unified economic development strategy for our county.

Hats off to them for the courage they show.

Ed Cox

Morro Bay

What’s the big rush?

I am very curious to know how many people realize that this health care bill, which we must hastily pass, will not go into effect until 2013?

What is the big rush to get this passed when we will see no benefits for four years?

Does everyone realize that not everyone will be covered? How many people have read the almost 2,000-page bill? How many senators have read the bill?

My fear is that we are becoming a nation of blind sheep being led by a group of “shepherds” who are leading us down a path that is taking us on a road to nowhere.

Are we not able to investigate and ask questions and think for ourselves and decide what is best for us, instead of a group that seems hell-bent on destroying our very way of life?

America, wake up.

Jo Ann Maytum

San Luis Obispo

Argument adjustment

To justify a health care system run by the government, letter writers often mention the support of the American Medical Association and the “huge profits” of the insurance companies. Such arguments need some adjustments.

Concerning the AMA, a little research tells us that less than one-third of the physicians are members and that about half of them are retired.

Thus, in reality, the endorsement by the AMA is far from overwhelmingly persuasive, considering also that a majority of practicing physicians opposes the government plan.

As to the matter of the “huge profits,” reliable sources easily found by an internet search show that the industry reported last year a net profit of 2.2 percent and that 5 percent was the highest net profit earned by one company. That puts health care plans in 35th place of the Fortune 500 industries for net profit and in 86th place for a profit margin of 3.3 percent. This is far from “huge.” Breweries do much better.

Consider that the waste and fraud incurred by a government-run system would far exceed such measly profits and in turn, adversely impact the quality of the service.

Austin A. DuBrulle

Arroyo Grande

Health care a right

I don’t want health care reform. I want health care. Single-payer is health care. This is my right. Corporate America is trespassing on my rights and forcing me against my will to be a party to a most heinous perpetration on my liberties. I have been violated by their infringement and intrusion.

My health care is not an option. It is a right. Therefore, I must insist that single-payer is provided as a right and will regard corporate America’s inclusion in any form as a violent forcible entry upon myself and my property.

Jeanne Zindorf

San Luis Obispo