Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/1

Help De Vaul

I just don’t understand why the city of San Luis Obispo can’t help Dan De Vaul. The people can volunteer to bring his barn up to code. Why can’t some of our tax dollars kick in for it? It’s a worthy cause. The city says it’s not a safe place but gives the homeless no other options.

Santa Barbara gives the homeless options, why can’t San Luis Obispo? De Vaul is trying to help the homeless the best he can. What is San Luis Obispo doing for these people? I think if San Luis Obispo would spend the time and money they have wasted on hurting and harassing this man, a lot of good could come from it.

Teri Crist Nipomo

Just another tax

Regarding the article “$18 vehicle fee proposed to help California’s parks” (Nov. 17) in The Tribune: Let me be among the first to call this idea just another double tax. Funds are already being collected for the parks. The fact that the state is not able to meet the financial promises it has made is not a good enough reason to provide additional funding.

Don’t kid yourself that the funds can be set aside for just the parks any more than the current funds earmarked for that purpose. The lawmakers need to take a stand against lobbyists and special interest groups and revisit the concessions made that have led to the current financial situation.

Why should the population pony up another amount so that mistakes can be made again? It is time to start doing what is right for the people and scale back the current fixed-cost budget.

The legislature wrote the laws that permit funds to be so dedicated; they can also write laws that turn them around. They have to put the needs of the population above themselves and sever the ties that pull the strings. That is what they are sent there to do in the first place, isn’t it?

Rick Young Morro Bay

Donate toys

As the holidays quickly approach, I would like to encourage the residents of Nipomo and surrounding communities to donate new unwrapped toys toward this year’s Central Coast Toys for Tots fundraising campaigns.

Each year, more and more families experience financial troubles which result in the absence of gifts for youngsters under the Christmas tree. Through the generosity of community individuals, holiday cheer can be spread to less fortunate children.

The Central Coast Toys for Tots drive extends from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara and toy donation locations have been established throughout the region.

The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys and to distribute these toys as Christmas gifts to needy children.

Through toy donations, the program strives to motivate children to grow into responsible, productive and patriotic citizens. Last year, more than 30,000 children on the Central Coast received donated toys, and we expect the need to grow this year.

To learn more about the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program or how to donate toward the Central Coast Toys for Tots program, please visit www.toys4totscentralca.org.

Deborah Mansfield Nipomo

Let’s make it happen

I run a small local e-commerce company, have volunteered at local homeless shelters and am personally ashamed by what has happened to Dan De Vaul. Sunny Acres is one of the best examples I have ever seen of a work-based rehabilitation and reacclimatization center. They have a remarkably low recidivism rate.

I believe that this is a model that should be supported, encouraged and emulated. Instead, our city government has shut him down. Mary Partin, one of the jurors on his trial, was so ashamed by the result that she personally borrowed the money to bail him out (Ex-juror in De Vaul case pays his bail, Nov. 25).

I understand Christine Mulholland’s argument that the living standards at Sunny Acres should be higher, and I agree with her. Let’s make it happen. Instead of pointing fingers, let’s solve this. De Vaul needs $400,000 to complete the surveys needed to move forward and make Sunny Acres compliant. If 100 local businesses chip in $4,000 each, we can make that happen.

I just mailed my $4,000 check. Join me and let’s take responsibility for helping the homeless in our county.

Kyle Wiens Atascadero

Biased support

It concerns me greatly that Dan De Vaul receives so much support from The Tribune. The editorials seem biased and are wrong.

De Vaul is painted as a hero who gives shelter to homeless people and who is hounded by an uncaring county. The fact is that he has been given ample time and chances to solve the problem.

He is not being charged with keeping homeless people; he is being charged with maintaining a disgusting ranch covered with junk that is ugly and having unsafe, illegal construction.

He could have removed the junk that is useless. There is a construction crane and large tractor that will never move and will probably not even start. There are numerous vehicles in the same condition. De Vaul could have solved much of his problem by selling this scrap years ago. It would have been easy to at least move the junk to some organized area out of sight.

De Vaul is costing the county a great deal of money and time when the county is short of funds for many needed projects.

De Vaul has been given ample and excessive chances to correct this mess by the county. He should be a good neighbor and clean up his property.

Mark Lyon Nipomo