Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/28

A legacy summarized

In the commentary by Victor Davis Hanson ("Sharks smell American blood," Nov. 19), he has unwittingly written a summary of the legacy left by President Bush and the Republicans.

It’s interesting that this so-called intellectual from the Hoover Institution “think tank” at Stanford University doesn’t realize that the situations he cites are the direct result of American actions and policies that occurred over the last eight years, and those policies and actions have inertia that cannot be reversed in nine months by President Obama.

What is even more interesting is that Stanford University would want their prestigious name associated with this “fellow” Hoover.

Wayne Smith


A simple answer

The health care bill passed in the House of Representatives is making me sick. I doubt that Lois Capps and the other House Democrats actually read this monster 1,990-page bill.

Where in the Constitution of the United States is the government granted the right to tell me how to spend my money? I know, the 16th Amendment says that “The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes,” but this is not a tax.

It is incredible that law-abiding citizens could face prison for not buying health insurance as stated in section 7201 of HR 3862, “ ... willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.”

Can’t you just picture the people in the prison yard asking each other:

What are you in for?


What are you in for?


What are you in for?

“Not buying health insurance.”

What is the answer?

A simple one-page bill that allows all 1,300 health insurance providers in this nation to offer their product in all 50 states and puts a ceiling or limit on what one can collect from a malpractice claim, just as Texas has done.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Travesty trial

President Obama’s decision to try confessed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his cohorts in a civil court in New York city is a travesty and worse.

Treating these attacks as civil crimes — rather than war crimes prosecuted in a military environment — repeats the Clinton-era inexplicable mindset and can only do serious damage to our country’s war on Islamic terrorism.

Worldwide, terrorists are celebrating this idiotic decision. In this civil trial, prosecutors will necessarily have to lay out classified information about our country’s methods of identifying and thwarting terrorist plots. Defense attorneys will press for full disclosure. Irrevocable damage will be done to our intelligence community.

In effect, the United States will be on trial, not the terrorists. Interrogation methods, prisoner rights and “justifiable” retribution by the defendants caused by U.S. foreign policy will be highlighted, not the murder of almost 3,000 people on Sept. 11.

Obama’s decision in this matter is clearly a sop to his party’s fringe left meant to appease their displeasure that he is not moving the country to socialism fast enough, given the party’s control of the federal legislative and executive branches of government.

Donald Hirt

Paso Robles

Liberals stupidly wrong

Evidently the main prerequisite for being a liberal is to be wrong. Not just occasionally or foolishly wrong-headed like adolescents or the French, but just incredibly and stupidly wrong about everything.

Their lack of common sense and the self-evident, assumed knowledge that the rest of us take for granted has resulted in a shallow, selfish president with a deep-seated malevolence toward American exceptionalism, a 17.5 percent rate of unemployed and underemployed people, a deluge of illegal aliens flooding our hospitals, prisons and social services and an insane political correctness that is more concerned with protecting our enemies than our citizens.

Add to that stimulus packages that don’t stimulate and a 2,000-page government health care bill that nobody has read, nobody understands and no thinking person wants.

We can only hope our arrogant Waffler-in-Chief, who is admittedly uncomfortable with victory, may one day settle on a winning strategy in Afghanistan. However, he would probably rather continue waging war on America’s true enemies — Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

We’ve had it with Obama’s liberals, their socialism and their dirty ACORN, ACLU and SEIU attack-dog mentality. The good people out there can only take so much.

Larry Bargenquast

Santa Maria

What pro-choice is

In my opinion, the public debate about abortion has been wrongly framed. It is wrong for anybody, regardless of religious or political affiliation, to believe that pro-choice equals pro-abortion. It does not.

I grew up in a Catholic country where people do not approve of abortion and will choose it as the last option, only after all other options have been explored and explained.

In this country, we are failing women in two main areas:

1. Educating them about avoiding pregnancies unless they really want a baby.

2. Not doing enough to promote options other than abortion.

What we are doing, which is both ill-guided and ill-serving, is using abortion to push either a religious or a political agenda, which does absolutely nothing to improve the commonwealth of the nation.

Fabrizio Griguoli

Shell Beach

Creepy interest

Please Congress, get out of my bedroom and get out of my doctor’s office when I am asking for assistance about my health care! Why is my reproductive behavior of such interest to you? It is intrusive if not more than a little creepy!!

Alice Bunker

San Luis Obispo