Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/27

Hunting brant geese

An interesting article by John Lindsey in The Tribune’s Nov. 22 issue titled “Brant geese: Alaska to Morro Bay,” describes the brant’s spectacular flight. But nowhere does Lindsey talk of the killing of the brant geese by hunters in Morro Bay.

The California Department of Fish and Game allows about a 30-day hunting season of the brant in Morro Bay. This seems contrary to the mission statement of Fish and Game which says, in part, that they manage natural resources for use and enjoyment by the public.

Are a few brant hunters the “public,” or is the public the many who would see Morro Bay as a sanctuary, who protest the killing of the brant geese and whose use of Morro Bay is being curtailed because of the hunting?

Robert R. Lyon

Morro Bay

Immigration answer

I have a suggestion on how we could solve the illegal immigration problem. President Obama could grant all the illegal immigrants amnesty by executive order, but with two caveats:

A) They would all have to vote in every election, and

B) They would be ordered to vote a straight Republican ticket.

What do you think?

Michael Miller

Grover Beach

Save Paso airport

It is not surprising how far David Weyrich has fallen (Weyrich could lose prized properties, Nov. 14). What is surprising is how he is doing at the Paso Robles airport.

The airport continues to be in decline, due in large part to Weyrich’s jet company that has not met most of the minimum standards of his contract. Yet the city appears to be coming to an accommodation with Weyrich. Most taxpayers are asking why?

He has received millions from the city over the past nine years and delivered almost nothing in return except some of the highest fuel prices in the area, keeping visitors going to sister airports where those businesses are receiving the incremental revenue.

We’d like our airport back, so we can turn it around and grow it like the rest of Paso Robles and not reward companies that do not meet their contractual obligations.

Nine years ago, a city employee called Weyrich “the builder of cities,” and now he is a glorified gas station attendant at the Paso Robles airport!

Phil Corman

Paso Robles

Matters of money

Almost every week, I read about million-dollar drug busts and I wonder, where does all that money go? Just one-third of that confiscated money would be a boost to any, if not all, health care plans. It stands to reason that many of this country’s drug addicts end up using the health care system eventually, so why not use their drug money for their health care? Call or write your legislators today and get the ball rolling on health care reform.

On another subject, I voted against the Paso Robles water rate increase because as a senior citizen on a fixed income, it would be an extra financial burden I can not afford. It is half of the water bill just for sewer alone. Our city leaders need to be more financially adept, keep our money local and not spend it on out-of-city projects.

Raymond C. Porter

Paso Robles

Too costly, either way

If health care in this country is unaffordable to us as individuals, how can we afford it as a country with the government running it?

Dick Pottratz

San Luis Obispo