Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/25

Socialism of debt

After keeping up with all the information about the bailout, health care reform, plus the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, my family has come up with what seems to be the new strategy that’s behind the scenes.

It’s simple and yet effective: “socialize” debt, “privatize” profit. What a brilliant way to make government, banks and corporations (including insurance companies) not financially responsible for the failure of their business policies when put into actual practice.

Future generations of Americans are now in debt before even being born. There can’t always be financial profit in doing things for the common good. Some things have a long-term value that can’t be calculated.

As a family, we’ll be looking for this type of strategy and pointing it out in every place that we see it. The way to change any problem is to first recognize when it is happening. Only then do we become aware of how much it affects our lives and try to take new directions that are more successful.

Please join us in being aware of this trend by government and business throughout our society: Socialism of debt, privatization of profit.

Maria Lopez

Grover Beach

Help rescue group

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Debby Sweet at Short ’n Sweet Dog Rescue in Templeton.

I recently had occasion to try and find a home for the dog of a neighbor who could no longer care for him. Of the six local rescues that I contacted, Sweet was the only one who even bothered to return my e-mail. She took this dog and was able to find a wonderful home for him in a few weeks.

It is obvious that Sweet cares deeply for animals and it is a constant struggle financially. More and more people have to turn animals in because of the economy and fewer are able to adopt.

Please don’t forget places like Short ’n Sweet Dog Rescue. If you would care to make a donation, please visit their Web site at www.shortnsweetdogrescue.org.

They are also in need of bathmats and towels for the dogs to curl up on at night.

Again, many thanks to Sweet and her selfless care for all of the animals in her care.

Anne Smith

San Luis Obispo