Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/19

Compromised bill

The recently approved health care bill has been so compromised that it joins other critical legislation supporting war funding, bailouts, environmental constraints, etc. in channeling money from consumers up to corporate entities without genuinely addressing critical issues.

It seems clear that our health care system is broken, but the proposed legislation compromise only locks in changes that will benefit the industry. Start again with transparency and real public debate.

Richard Smith


Review a disservice

What a disservice the review by James Cushing of the San Luis Obispo Symphony concert is to your readers (Cellist Harrell brings a quiet wisdom, Nov. 17). 

I attended the concert. I, like Cushing, am not a classical musician. 

Still, what I would tell your readers is how the most delicate, ethereal sounds emanated from Lynn Harrell’s cello during Elgar’s Cello Concerto and how sympathetically the orchestra accompanied him. 

I would tell them that David Selby’s rendition of the Lincoln Portrait offered a profound, sensitive window into the issues of Lincoln’s day, which resonate deeply with our modern ones. An excellent reminder to look to the great mentors of the past as well as the present.  

These main elements of the concert moved me deeply and were aptly cushioned by the elegant beauty of the Debussy piece and the resonant voice of the Williams piece. 

As the evening unfolded, the synergy of these selections became clear and built to a most fitting culmination with the masterful performance by Harrell, truly a world-class musician. 

Your readers would benefit most to know that during this concert, the human spirit was elevated, moved, educated and redeemed. We saw ourselves, reflected at our absolute best, and we remembered.

Suzette Harbour

Los Osos

Get a mammogram

I am sending this letter out to San Luis Obispo County women and readers of The Tribune. I read an article about a controversial suggestion recommending “against routine annual mammograms for healthy women in their 40s.” (Hold off on mammograms until age 50, group says, Nov. 17.)

I was in my 40s, very healthy and with no symptoms, when I went in for a routine mammogram and was called back in for a closer look and then a biopsy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My recommendation to all women is to ignore the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and have that mammogram in your 40s. It may save your life. It saved mine.

J. Whitesides

San Luis Obispo

Applebee’s gesture

Thank you Applebee’s! On Veterans Day we were treated to a very nice dinner. The gesture was really appreciated.  Thank you.

Leonard Gaudio

Paso Robles