Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/14

Significance forgotten?

Regarding the opinion expressed by James Costello in Letters on Veterans Day (Nov. 11), that they (whoever they are) should move Veterans Day so it could be a three-day weekend, I ask, have we as Americans lost all sense of our history and forgotten the significance of the 11th hour of Nov. 11, 1918?

The day is set aside to honor veterans, not go on a mini vacation. Congress tried that foolishly before back in the 1960s and moved the holiday to a Monday in October. Thankfully, enough concern was raised by veterans groups that Congress was pushed into moving the holiday back to Nov. 11.

Leave Veterans Day where it belongs. End of discussion.

Carl M. Ricard

Paso Robles

Extend Medicare

I am sure Richard Placak (Letters, Nov. 10) has worked hard all his life and has a good health insurance plan, but I am somewhat bemused by his calling the AARP leftist because the organization supports President Obama’s health care plan.

He seems not to know that the American Medical Association, generally considered a nonleftist group, also supports that health care plan. Those halcyon days of “self-reliance and individualism,” which Placak refers to, are a noble goal, but the truth is that in the 21st century, most working Americans are part of a corporate culture where everything is fine until one finds oneself without a job and no safety net when it comes to health care.

More than 50 million Americans do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it, and I would prefer to see them kept healthy through preventive care and regular check-ups, rather than going to the emergency room facilities when they have become seriously sick. I am all in favor of extending Medicare to all Americans.

Clement Salvadori


Successful supper

On Sept. 20, Central Coast Funds for Children held their annual Soup Supper at The Monday Club in San Luis Obispo. We raised more than $13,000 to contribute to the funds that will be distributed to our grant recipients in December. Active members and supporters, as well as our trustees, served soups, salad, bread, cookies and beverages to more than 300 attendees.

Central Coast Funds for Children appreciates the ongoing support of a very generous community in this endeavor, including those who donated items as well as those who enjoyed the afternoon and evening. Thanks to all of you for making your contribution so that we may continue to help the children in need in our county. And a very big thank you to the 35 members that make up this incredible group. We did it again!

Ricki Pace and Linda Butler

San Luis Obispo

Read a little history

The audacity of Paso Robles voters! They exercised their right to reject another local fee increase, this time to pay for water improvements. Now the city will have to figure out how to pay the bill from their existing revenues or how to stick it to the users (people in Paso Robles who drink water) in another form.

The voter turnout was double what would be expected in a special election. It was not a case of voter apathy.

Maybe elected officials, public staff and newspaper editors and contributors should read a little early American history. As I recall, we fought a war against an unresponsive big government that taxed us puny little colonials too much. (Note: the colonials won). History has a tendency to repeat itself. You may want to ask yourselves whose side you are on, and why, before you pass such harsh judgment on local voters.

Leslie Halls

San Luis Obispo

Share experiences

I highly recommend to all veterans that they share their military experiences through the Veterans History Project (They listen to war stories all day long, Nov. 11). I am a Korean War veteran and had my interview done last May. My children and grandchildren have enjoyed viewing the “highlights” of my four years in the Navy — it’s a great history lesson for them.

Will Perry

Morro Bay