Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Veterans Day

Veterans Day feeling

I usually forget when Veterans Day is on its way, but there is definitely a feeling I get on that day. It is a day I remember so many friends, just like you, who I had the opportunity to serve with. It is really cool to hear “Thank you for serving,” and I’m glad I did. I would do it again.

There is a lot going on overseas right now. Don’t forget that our troops still need our support, even if the politics of the situation aren’t ideal.

Every troop is one more American that deserves the chances once again that you partake in every day. Amidst the hurt and pain, good things are happening.

Whether direct or indirect, people are doing good. Remember a veteran, remember your veteran, remember your country’s sacrifices this Veterans Day. There are some veterans you will never get the chance to thank again.

Senior Airman Philip Quinn

Paso Robles

Unite as one, today

In my 62 years on this earth, I have never seen this country so divided. It does not matter what the issue is, some will agree, some will disagree and others just won’t care. It is the American way, I guess.

I think we all have an opportunity this week to unite as one. Today is Veterans Day, a day we honor and thank the men and women who have served, or are currently serving, this divided country.

Let’s all unite and take a few minutes today to go out of our way to thank as many veterans as we can and let them know how much we appreciate them. It will make their day, and it really doesn’t take long to say thank you. It is the least we can do for these deserving men and women.

Greg Shearer

San Luis Obispo

Honor their service

Help us honor and celebrate the services of the veterans in our area today in Los Osos.

Please be seated before 10:30 a.m., when a performance by the county band begins. Activities include songs, a short program, flag raising, dedication of wreaths, fly-in, color guard presentations and more.

A lunch will be prepared by members of the Bay-Osos Kiwanis Club.

The event is hosted at the Los Osos Memorial Park on Los Osos Valley Road.

Let us not forget the sacrifices of time, bodies and the lives of those who have served us so well.

My daughter in Afghanistan wrote me to “Remind people how veteran families are impacted. Weddings, funerals, graduations, births, etc. and we soldiers miss 90 percent of it. Life is crazy here. We are getting more rocket attacks and there are more funerals.”

She shared a big bag of M&M’s I sent her with a younger soldier who has two boys under age 3. That young woman misses being with the boys and the husband was moved to a third shift so the kids are shuffled to grandma’s four nights a week. They cried together and ate a quarter of the candy.

Len Myers

Los Osos