Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Paso Robles Water Rate Vote

Unimportant after all

Where were you? How are you going to look your children and grandchildren in the eye and explain why only 36.9 percent of the voters in Paso Robles voted on their future. 

Perhaps the 63-plus percent of the voters who didn’t vote — and were registered! — just decided that the future of the city of Paso Robles really wasn’t that important. Oh, that’s right, our kids can pick up the bill and pay their own way.

I have lived in this city for 35 years and have always been proud that we can work together, pay together and reap the rewards of a police department, fire department, activities for our youth and adults through the Parks and Recreation Department and share in the pride of who we are. We take care of our own!

Or at least I thought that was the case. Water? Paying an amount that would have equalled pocket change, but ensured a future for generations to come? Water? I guess I didn’t get it — I thought water was important. I thought Paso Robles was important. I thought my grandchildren were important! I guess I was wrong.

And don’t forget — only 36.9 percent of the registered voters came out to vote. My apologizes to the children and grandchildren of Paso Robles. My apologizes to the Paso Robles City Council — the ball is now in your court.

Pat Johnson

Paso Robles

Couldn’t afford more

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to John Borst and his Concerned Citizens for Paso Robles staff who worked so tirelessly to defeat the increased water proposition.

It means so much to seniors on fixed income to know there are still people who care and are willing to give their time and energy to a worthy cause.

Both editorials from The Tribune urging a “yes” vote totally ignored the fact there are people here who simply cannot afford to pay more for utilities. I was deeply offended by the position The Tribune took on this matter. When The Tribune pays for my water bill, then it can have a say in how I vote.

S.J. Walters

Paso Robles