Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/2

Safety heads up

The state of California in 1994 amended the bicycle helmet law to include any person under the age of 18. Creating this law requiring the use of bicycle helmets, along with visible enforcement from local agencies and the development of bicycle education programs, is possibly the most effective means of increasing the usage of bicycle helmets and the safety of our children.

When driving my daughter to school each morning I encounter at least one child not wearing a helmet. This concerns me because if an accident were to occur, whom would the responsibility fall to? I pose this question to all parents, school officials and local law enforcement agencies that ignore the fact that our children are riding their bicycles to and from school without wearing a safety helmet and without consequences. Who is ultimately responsible for our children?

I believe this will continue to be a blatant disregard of law enforcement, parental obligation and child safety until the unspeakable happens. The time is now to educate and hold accountable all concerned parties that are responsible for the health and safety of our children.

Mary Brown Paso Robles

Post office praise

I want to send a huge thank you to the Paso Robles post office! Every time I visit the post office, the people on the other side of the counter are friendly, respectful and service oriented.

The other day I had to call the post office because my postman pushed my mail to the front of my mailbox making it impossible for me to open. I called to ask if they could fix it, and not only did they offer me several solutions and fix the problem the same day, they even gave me a follow-up phone call to let me know the issue had been resolved.

The Paso Robles post office is always very busy, but it never lacks in customer service. Thank you, Paso Robles post office. You’re doing a great job!

Faye Fraser Paso Robles

Thanks from Woods

Woods Humane Society would like to share our appreciation for everyone who joined us for this year’s 17th Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk for Woods benefit at Laguna Lake Park on Oct. 24. The homeless dogs and cats of Woods give a round of apaws to our friends at The Central Coast Pet ER; Lemos Feed & Pet Supply; Charter Communications; Seeds of Love Foundation; Cloud Star; Canidae Natural Pet Food; American General Media; Rabobank; The Kennels of Springdale; Bayer Animal Health Division; Adler Belmont Dye Insurance Services; Madonna Inn; Cal Poly Athletics; Sun N’ Buns Bakery; GLOW Illuminating Design; 1000 Hills Pet Resort; Cass Vineyard; Justin Vineyard; Let’s Go Ballooning; Trinity Cyclery; New Times; and to all of the businesses that contributed amazing raffle items. Special thanks to Melissa Mecija and Dave Schermer at KSBY Action News; to Christine Wallace and Keith Pellemeier with SLO Parks and Recreation; to SLO Sheriff Deputy Barger; to Kevin Seifert and Kevin Oshea from Atascadero State Hospital; to Teah Anders and the West Coast Freestyle Group.

Wiggle Waggle is one of the largest canine gatherings on the Central Coast, and we would like to thank the booth and walk participants who made this year’s event a huge success for the benefit of the animals of Woods Humane Society.

Steve Kragenbrink Woods Humane Society