Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/27

Define ‘sustainable’

I was extremely disappointed to be among the 100 or so turned away from the panel discussion on sustainable agriculture at Cal Poly. I had an important question to ask the panelists: What exactly does “sustainable” mean?

The world population is predicted to double by 2060. If it takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef and if the world population decides to eat the same amount of beef that we do, wouldn’t we need 67 percent more land than exists on planet Earth?

On the other hand, if we switch to all organic, estimates indicate that we will need to devote 65 percent to 200 percent more land to agriculture. Wouldn’t we need to cut down millions of acres of forest? We need to get beyond our personal dietary values and advocate for change that is sustainable for the entire world into the 21st century.

Mimi Kalland

Baywood Park

Dream ticket

After mulling over Mr. Bob Yarnall’s candid observations (Letters, Oct. 12) concerning the fears and dubious motivations underlying the liberal agenda as opposed to the truthfulness and sterling qualities of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, I had to ask myself if there could be anything — anything — both sides might ever agree on.

And then it came to me: A conservative “dream ticket” for 2012, with Rush in the top slot and Glenn as his running mate.

Tom Nichols

Los Osos

Well done, citizens

Once again the citizens of the Central Coast stepped up. Recently, 130 veterans, many of them having served in Iraq and Afghanistan, cycled through our area as part of their rehabilitation effort. The veterans were treated to the best of the Central Coast.

Mayors Dave Romero, John Shoals and Mary Ann Reiss presented the riders with proclamations of recognition. The San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach police departments along with Cal Fire, the Sheriff’s Department and the CHP, all worked well to ensure the safety of our veterans.

A dinner was provided by the generosity of the people and organizations of the Central Coast, ranging from Cambria to Orcutt. The dinner was held at Marie Callender’s in Pismo Beach, which donated its banquet room and provided a healthy discount. There were more than 50 individuals who donated to the meal.

Other donations were made by organizations such as the Rotary Clubs, the Kiwanis Club, New Belgium Beer Co., SLO American Legion, American Legion 136 and the Disabled American Veterans. Other organizations in support were the Panhellenic of Philanthropy at Cal Poly, the Cal Poly ROTC, the Cal Poly Wheelmen and Rabobank. Enthusiastic support was provided by the students of Oceano and Shell Beach elementary schools.

All in all, it was a tremendous effort. Those efforts were appreciated by the veterans. Well done, Central Coast.

Jim DeCecco

Pismo Beach

Support public radio

Thanks to The Tribune for printing John Brannon’s Oct. 23 Viewpoint urging support for public radio.

I am one of KCBX’s phone volunteers during pledge drives; in fact, I took Mr. Brannon’s pledge during the recent drive. I donate many hours because I feel strongly that KCBX and NPR are absolutely necessary for their independent voice and intelligent and diverse programming. The fact that much of the programming is homegrown and donated by volunteers is testimony to the belief in quality programming by its listeners and supporters.

All of the wonderful programs are brought to us without commercials, and it is because there are no commercials that KCBX has to ask for financial support from its listeners. There is no minimum (nor is there a maximum).

Sometimes people walk in during pledge drive and hand a volunteer a few dollars in cash or a small check. You can donate what you can afford, and no one will hassle you for more.

John Brannon’s method is easy and painless, and there are other painless methods as well. My husband and I use a direct monthly charge on our credit card; others do the same with a debit or checking account. Most of us fritter away $10 to $100 a month and can’t even remember where it went. If you donate that amount to KCBX, you will know not only where it went but that it went to a good purpose. Don’t wait for the next pledge drive; you can call 549-8855 any time and become a supporter of quality radio.

Marybeth Lucas

San Luis Obispo

Stand up to ACLU

Here we go again — the ultra-left American Civil Liberties Union is attempting to remove all vestiges of our spiritual and moral foundations.

It is ludicrous to say that the cross that was erected 75 years ago (long before the Mojave National Preserve) to honor World War I veterans is an illegal endorsement of religion on federal land.

The ACLU and many of its liberal judge buddies are attempting to rewrite the spirit and intent of our Constitution. Our founding fathers specified that our government should not sponsor a state church as found in England and other countries. A separation of church and state, yes, but not a separation from church and state. There is a big difference.

Our Constitution was built on a strong Judeo-Christian foundation. The very first action of our new government was the selection of a Christian chaplain to provide spiritual guidance for our founding fathers. Our first president declared Thanksgiving as a day of prayer and thanksgiving to God. The Ten Commandments were prominently displayed in the courts of our land. 

It is time for the American public to stand up to the ACLU and its liberal allies and say we will not permit you to destroy the moral and spiritual fabric of the nation.

Dan Ross

Paso Robles