Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/26

Fun weather column

I always enjoy John Lindsey’s “Weather Watch” reports in The Tribune, but I just had to write to thank him for the especially lyrical explanation of the Oct. 13 Central Coast storm.

I could feel, as well as understand, how the forces of nature came together to produce the storm, and then read the results of rainfall in inches in various interesting North Central Coast locations which were generally far greater than reported. How puny and lacking in vocabulary those TV weather people look by comparison, with their pointers and swirling frontal patterns flashed on the screen.

Barbara Van Deventer Cayucos

This issue counts

Insurance lobbyists have controlled the congressional health care reform debate while public opinion polls continue to support single payer insurance for all. As has been said so many times now, whatever system Congress chooses must also be applied to themselves, so if conscience and common sense cannot be the guiding principle then perhaps the legislators’ wallets and health protection for their families will motivate them in the right direction.

This is one of the most important issues you will fight for in your congressional career. Failure is not acceptable.

Elaine Watson Los Osos

Asleep at the wheel

It’s pretty obvious where Doreen Case is coming from (“Will it help or hurt,” Oct. 18) and I say to her, you cannot have it both ways.

Mrs. Case has a home visit from her doctor? Lucky for her she’s done well on Medicare but would deny it to the rest of us? Maybe as we age we become more fearful and ego-centered, or maybe we just forget there are others in need. Medicare does need some trimming, for example mammograms; most women don’t need two exams a year.

Fortunately for her, she can afford long term insurance. What she doesn’t seem to know is how the health care industry has become an incredible for-profit business, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, something unheard of in the rest of the world.

I remember regulations, checks and balances, and the anti-trust legislation passed to encourage free enterprise yet regulate corporations from combining into monopolies, restricting competition, which has become less than inconsistent. We’ve fallen asleep at the wheel.

Arnie Setran Los Osos

Thanks for the care

I need to thank Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center emergency room and the doctors and nurses for saving my friend Barbara’s life. A special thank you to the surgeon, Dr. Stephen Tidik, and his office staff for the surgery and follow-up care. You people are so very amazing, and we will always remember your kindness and the amazing life-saving skills you all possess. I am forever grateful.

Donald Leatherwood Los Osos

The feast of ideas

Regarding “Columnist drivel,” (Oct. 14):

A.B. Solomon and any other extreme advocate of either side of any other political position miss the point. In the letter, Solomon castigates Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman and Leonard Pitts. And, although Bill O’Reilly doesn’t need help, Solomon castigates those who “demean” him.

I would find this whole business of lashing out at “lefties” and “righties” laughable except for one thing. That thing is called an open mind. Mr. Solomon and others of his bent apparently miss this point.

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with any viewpoint espoused by any columnist. I like my views challenged, whether by folks who agree with me or not. The Tribune, thankfully, publishes views from all points of the political/social spectrum. We as readers and citizens must cull through this mishmash to sharpen and hone our own opinions and views. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you might agree or disagree with any columnist. In the arena of ideas, we need as much input as possible to shape our own viewpoints so that we can make informed decisions.

So, bring on Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman and all those in between. The feast of ideas is tasty indeed!

Timothy Myer Nipomo

Small steps count

Unable to attend the Pollan lecture, oh ... I mean panel, I thank reporter David Sneed for relating the high points in his Tribune article “Panel takes on sustainable ag” (Friday, Oct. 16).

I want to respond specifically to David Smith’s remark that it is unwise to single out agriculture for its oil use, which is so much lower than that of other industries. Does Pollan really advocate that we ignore all other sources depleting our resources? I doubt it. If the current environmental problems have taught us anything, it is that the causes are complex, and the solution lies, not in laying blame, but in everyone doing their part, even if it is a small part.

That hackneyed and whiney refrain “but we only deplete such a small amount,” is something we’ve heard over and over from all unsustainable endeavors. Solutions to our environmental problems are going to be solved as they were created, in small steps. Insisting on, and supporting, sustainable agriculture is one small step many of us can take — even the agriculture industry.

Deb Spatafore San Luis Obispo

Fire assistance

My family and I want to thank everyone who helped us with our recent house fire.

Our power went out in the storm, and we left a smoldering candle in my daughter’s room as we rushed off for work and school. It fell and lit a nearby mattress.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and the prompt actions of our friends and neighbors saved most of our apartment.

The Morro Bay Fire Department arrived quickly and were very friendly throughout the ordeal. They deserve a round of applause for all the hard work they did throughout the storm, and a special thanks from me for stopping our fire before it could spread.

We were amazed by the generosity and kindness of our community. Co-workers set us up with a place to stay and helped with the clean-up; and family took us in for food and drinks to relax after a stressful day.

The news hasn’t been so pretty lately, but today we got to see that people are still eager to help a neighbor in trouble.

Thanks everybody.

Nick Powell Morro Bay

Isn’t it ironic?

How ironic for the person featured in your lead article (“Will it help or hurt”) about health care reform on Oct. 18 to oppose all the bills proposed by Democrats. She is quoted as saying, “The government can’t even run the post office.”

Yet, she is reported to have had good luck using a governmental program — Medicare — and a Medicare supplemental health plan offered through a governmental agency — the California Public Employees’ Retirement System — because her husband was a California state government employee.

Marc Girard Nipomo