Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/24

We cannot continue

The current health care system in the United States isn’t just broken, it’s become contrary to the elements of a civilized society.

Sometime back, I wrote a Viewpoint printed in The Tribune regarding my friend (Sept. 1, 2005). About four years ago, he suffered total failure of his kidneys. His insurance carrier, the largest in the country, told him that they wouldn’t cover the cost of a kidney transplant, thereby committing him to a slow but certain death. He has been on dialysis ever since.

He receives insurance coverage through his wife’s work, for which she pays 100 percent of the cost of his premiums. This week, the insurance company informed his wife that they had stopped payment on dialysis effective July. Further, they told his wife that they were going to require them to reimburse the insurance company for all of the dialysis costs of 2008. This will bankrupt my friends.

This is a condition that we in America can’t permit to continue. The primary right of all Americans is the “right to life.” Life is dependent upon health. Health, however, isn’t a guaranteed right. It’s not even supported by our nation. It’s only a right if you have enough money to afford that right.

Donald J. Funk


Already bankrupt

Thursday, Oct. 15, Sen. Harry Reid was recorded speaking to the president of the Senate. He said that the issues of tort reform and caps on medical malpractice suits would only save $54 billion, a mere fraction of the $2 trillion cost of Obamacare. The actual recording can be heard online at RogerHedgecock.com, Oct. 15 audio portion.

When the American public at large learns of the deliberate deception being foisted on them, I hope they will retire every legislator who thinks we can afford the kind of debt with which Obamacare will saddle us.

The United States is already bankrupt. The dollar is falling and inflation will be horrendous. We will all suffer.

Elizabeth W. Dozier


The real disservice

I find it incredibly offensive that during the worse budget crisis in California’s history, Gov. Schwarzenegger would veto Senate Bill 86.

SB 86, authored by Senator Leland Yee, was a bipartisan bill that would have prohibited UC regents and CSU trustees from increasing executive officer salaries and approving bonuses when the state general fund monies going to the schools in the current fiscal year is equal to or less than the funds allotted in the previous fiscal year. In 2009 alone, the UC Board of Regents has already approved approximately $9 million in executive compensation increases. At the same time student fees are skyrocketing and employees, including those very low wage earners, are being forced to take furlough days.

The governor claims it would be a disservice to our students if we can’t attract and retain high level personnel for these top positions. That’s funny, because I think it’s a disservice to raise fees 30 percent in one year and significantly reduce the amount of students these universities are admitting.

Andrea Devitt

San Luis Obispo

Opinion, not news

Regarding the recent letters expressing hatred for Glenn Beck in particular and Fox News in general:

Glenn Beck’s is not a news program. He is a commentator and his is an opinion show. He has helped expose ACORN for the corrupt organization it is, and also Van Jones and the new safe school czar, Kevin Jennings, who admires the founder of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). Aren’t we glad someone is there to expose these things?

As a conservative, I do not like some of the things said on Air America, but I do not advocate they be taken off the air.

I can simply choose not to listen to them. Do we really want free speech or do we wish to silence those we don’t agree with? Be careful, you could be on the other side at any time.

Betty Buchanan

San Luis Obispo

Help after storm

Sometimes something simple yet generous occurs that gladdens the heart, but then there is no way to thank the anonymous person responsible.

This recent storm left a mess in many driveways and yards I’m sure, but I came home from work and my driveway was swept clean. I have no idea who might have done this, but it was a very kind act, as I am all but unable to do the job myself and was wondering how to accomplish this chore without breaking my back. I telephoned the “usual suspect” this evening and was told I was mistaken.

Whichever friend or neighbor did this for me, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you!

Margaret Sternbach

Los Osos