Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/19

Double standard

I found Zaf Iqbal’s letter (“O’Reilly’s lies,” Oct. 8) interesting because of the double standard that exists in the minds of those governments that have nuclear weapons.

Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and, as such, is allowed to develop nuclear power for peaceful use. Three countries never signed the NPT: Israel, India and Pakistan. North Korea initially signed it, but backed out in 2003. India, Pakistan and North Korea admit to testing nuclear weapons.

Here’s the rub. The United States and Canada helped India develop nuclear weapons. France helped Israel. China helped Pakistan. Russia helped North Korea. All of these countries helped non-signing members of the NPT develop nuclear weapons outside international convention, yet these same countries have led the way to interfere with Iran’s peaceful development.

This world is only big enough for one standard.

Jim Hubbard San Luis Obispo

Watch your Beck

With all do respect to Kathleen Dewey’s letter on Oct. 10, she obviously doesn’t listen to Glenn Beck. If she did she would understand that Beck does not consider his show a “news” show as she states. He does not consider himself a reporter, and he is definitely not racist. I am bothered when people make statements and they have no clue what they are talking about.

The reason he is getting so much attention is because he is asking questions that millions want to ask but no one seems to want to answer. He happens to be a voice for millions in the nation who have concerns about where our country is headed. Why does this bother liberals so much? I don’t get it.

If you look at the millions who joined the tea parties you realize that they are not violent, (not one arrest) and certainly not racist people. These are citizens who are concerned about the out-of-control spending and far-left radicals that surround our president.

Please Kathleen, let us all know what facts he “deliberately distorts.” Please give us one example of “racial hatred.”

Patty Dickson Los Osos

‘Bloggers R Us’

Some “letter writers” reveal themselves with their sloppy thinking as dogmatic bloggers rather than thoughtful readers and writers. To wit: A “letter” from Paso Robles published on Oct. 12 was a thinly disguised diatribe aimed at the person’s own prejudice: “liberals.”

Drop “Lutheran,” “gay,” “Afro-American,” “Latino,” “redneck,” “Farmer’s Market,” “conservatives,” “Catholics,” “horsewomen,” “jet contrails,” “vegetarians,” “meat-eaters,” “farmworkers” and/or “atheists” into that slot, and the letter reads the same: as a poorly written piece of programmed bigotry.

Perhaps The Tribune might consider creating a new feature for the Voices page: “Bloggers R Us.” This would be limited to 140 characters — a la Twitter — for those apparently hell-bent on promoting prejudice and bigotry in the pages of the esteemed newspaper.

Patrick Sullivan Nipomo

Thanks for trip, PTA

On behalf of Hawthorne Elementary School in San Luis Obispo, we would like to thank our PTA for funding our annual school trip to Camp Green Meadows, near Yosemite.

The students and participating staff had a wonderful time. The camp was a great experience for the students and provided day trips to Glacier Point and Big Trees Park. When not visiting the parks, the students were engaged in classes including stream ecology and wilderness ethics.

It was terrific to see the children outdoors and outside the local zip code. Many of our students have yet to have the experience of the great outdoors and to spend a week away with their friends and peers.

Thanks so much to the Hawthorne PTA and Principal Kirt Collins for making this happen.

John Gyselbrecht, Marc Riley Hawthorne Elementary School

Lucky to live in SLO

Recently my wife and I vacationed in California for more than two weeks, including three days in the San Luis Obispo area. We both particularly enjoyed this part of our trip the most.

Our motel was in San Luis Obispo, but we also got to visit the coastal areas, such as San Simeon, Morro Bay, Avila Beach and Pismo Beach, along with Arroyo Grande. We also enjoyed the Thursday evening farmers market in San Luis Obispo.

You who live in the SLO area are most fortunate.

We’ll be back!

Wes Linscott Bangor, Maine