Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/17

Toilet paper intrusion

The latest intrusion into our lives by the environmentalist whackos is the attack on those of us who use two-ply toilet paper. Their argument is that this product is usually made from older-growth trees, even though toilet paper together with facial tissue only account for 5 percent of the U.S. forest-products industry.

I am old enough to remember days spent at my grandmother’s house where the bathroom was that little wooden building at the far end of the back yard, and one ply or two ply meant you used one or two pages from the Sears Roebuck catalog. Believe me, the current two ply quality is far and away superior to the older.

Surely the environmental whackos could spend their time more productively by counting striped owls or delta smelt, but I wish they would keep their noses out of my business — literally!

Stanley D. Schaffer

Arroyo Grande

Exclusionary event

I suppose the story “Hearst Castle adventure” (Oct. 7), has a feel-good aspect to it, but frankly I feel that given the fact there are so many families barely able to get food on the table, this kind of ridiculous consumption sends an inappropriate message to those in need.

As if the eBay event wasn’t enough, Friends of Hearst Castle is planning a second sleepover and, on Dec. 5, a dinner for 100 at the Castle for those able to cough up $1,200.

Fundraising is an important task for those involved with gems like the castle, but heralding the events as exclusionary by virtue of the price tag is something other than a news story.

Dick Rogers


Great cancer cards

Kudos to Terry Redknapp (“Hitting cancer with punchlines” Oct. 5)! I think his cards are great. Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer can truly relate. When you get hit by that awful diagnosis you are shocked and overwhelmed, but at some point you have to find your sense of humor.

My husband had cancer and it was an ordeal, but his positive attitude and ability to laugh and make others laugh got us through it. Drew was a funny guy and loved to entertain people. He made it his mission to make others laugh and put them at ease. Not many people can look at a trip to Cedars-Sinai for a stem cell transplant as an adventure.

Unfortunately, Drew didn’t win the battle and died 10 months later. Life without him has been difficult, but somehow I have found ways to find humor and laugh. It is the only way you can survive.

These cards bring us back to a reality we don’t want to acknowledge, in a form that is easy to digest. We all need laughter. Sign me up for a dozen!

Sara Medzyk

Arroyo Grande

Local tsunami danger

It’s hard to fathom that an earthquake on the other side of the ocean caused a tsunami warning off our coastline. What’s not hard to fathom is that an undersea earthquake closer to home could have devastating effects.

I’m concerned for the community of Shell Beach. There is virtually one parallel street to the freeway and only a couple of entrances to the freeway. In a disaster, whether it be Diablo Canyon, earthquake or tsunami, the inability to evacuate could take many lives in this community. Try to navigate Shell Beach Road when there is congestion on the freeway and drivers use this street as a bypass.

There is no place to run, unless you literally run. If thousands of residents try to leave at the same time, gridlock would occur immediately, rendering cars useless. There is a fault line a few miles into the ocean, we just had our first taste of a tsunami warning, but I do believe Diablo Canyon is secure.

Residents should at least give this some consideration. Something will happen. It will then become a real issue with real consequences.

Bill Rabenaldt

San Luis Obispo

Waiting for an answer

On Sept. 18, I sent the following e-mail to Congresswoman Lois Capps: “I am interested in how you voted on the funding for ACORN. Please advise. Thanks.” This is a simple question requiring a simple answer. However, to date, I have not heard from her.

It would be nice if The Tribune could list how our elected representatives vote on important issues.

Gerry Johnson

San Luis Obispo