Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/14

Krugman right on

Paul Krugman’s commentary in the Oct. 6 issue really hits the nail on the head. The GOP that we remember has vanished to be replaced by rude, spiteful children.

Krugman’s paragraphs on tactics describe the differences between the two major parties perfectly. When Democrats disagree with a proposed issue, they refer to the ideas and beliefs that define their party. Currently, when Republicans disagree they invent arguments with no basis in fact, they create lies to confuse and frighten and use any incident they can imagine to cast doubt on our president.

Who are these people? Do they truly believe no other party has the right to govern? There must be some within the party who still think sensibly and act responsibly.

If these Republicans exist, now is the time to make themselves known. The radical airbags like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are their leaders right now. Their idiotic, hateful chatter appeals to the rude, spiteful children Krugman talks about. They represent the lowest common denominator who cheer them on and they truly show an ugly picture.

Mary Ross


Screening for cause

The amazingly powerful film “Indestructible” is showing at La Perla del Mar Chapel on Friday, Oct. 16 as a benefit for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

The film is an autobiographical documentary by Ben Byer and chronicles his own experience with the disease.

It is very honest and has received many awards.

The event starts at 7 p.m. The suggested donation is $10, and additional donations will be accepted. All proceeds go to the ALS local chapter and ALS Film Fund.

We are so happy to have the opportunity to bring this film to our community. For those who may want their own copy to share with others, there will be copies of the DVD available for purchase during the evening at $25 each. Again, proceeds go to our local ALS chapter and ALS Film Fund.

We welcome those who are touched by the struggle of this illness, those who want to know more, and those who need to feel like they are not alone. For more information: www.laperladelmarchapel.com.

Shelley Malcolm and Paige Leebrick

La Perla del Mar Chapel

Meaningless prize

The Nobel Peace Prize, already hurtling toward meaninglessness, has just completed the journey.

After awarding the prize to a terrorist (Yasser Arafat), an anti-semite (Jimmy Carter) and a movie mogul (Al Gore), it has now given the award to a man whose entire life’s achievements can be summarized in large print on one side of a 3-by-5 card.

In an effort to resurrect this once-prestigious award, I suggest renaming it the Nobel “Good Intentions” Prize since actual results apparently don’t matter anymore.

Robert Olson

Arroyo Grande

Columnist drivel

In response to Mike Broadhurst’s letter on Oct. 9 where he demeans O’Reilly’s commentary on Oct. 3 as “drivel,” I’ll see his O’Reilly and raise him Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and Leonard Pitts, Jr. These three always seem to let their ideology cloud their written work, are mean spirited, have personal agendas, and of course their own form of literary drivel.

I’ll quit reading O’Reilly in The Tribune when Mr. Broadhurst does the same for these three.

A.B. Solomon


Bridging a gap

San Luis Obispo City Council surprised us in its meeting on Sept. 29. Rather than droning on, it veered to holding an exciting workshop on the particularly vexatious issue of the misbehavior of its college population. Speaking up were the SLO police, the Cal Poly administration, many students past and present, and we residents.

True, a two-hour power point presentation by police Chief Linden tended to leave us passive. She did present important statistics on drinking and misbehavior that confirmed our observation that a chronic problem was now epidemic. We were struck by her innovative approach, in which she reached out to and took counsel with all elements of the problem.

We are also encouraged by what has happened in the governance and way of life of the Cal Poly new dormitories. At risk of eviction, students sign agreements to comport themselves appropriately. But despite that ray of light, it appears that administration’s “education” on drinking and misbehavior lacks rigor, and the “sliver” of misbehaving student leadership continues unchecked, though subject to official disapproval.

Most present at this groundbreaking meeting were anxious to bridge a growing gap in confidence between Cal Poly and Cuesta students and SLO.

Joseph Abrahams

San Luis Obispo