Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/11

Random attack was sick

When I read the article about the 15-year-old girl who had her jaw broken in two places by some stranger walking by, it made me sick. To put this young lady through this is just terrible. Who is this guy going to attack next, a 4-year-old?

The guy who did this terrible act needs to turn himself in to the police, as he needs help.

Hal Jackson


Take some responsibility

It’s time men and women, young and old, began accepting responsibility for their behaviors; Mackenzie Phillips being the latest in a long line of celebrities who want to blame their parents for their troubles.

It is rare that in this country people don’t have a choice. They have decided to go with whatever is most convenient or most pleasurable. Being drunk or on drugs were also decisions they made. And to try to blame it on those factors is like saying, “I didn’t shoot the gun in my hand; the gun just went off by itself, six times. It’s not my fault that someone was in the way of the bullets.”

We all have done and do things we later regret, but not accepting responsibility for them keeps us from learning from them and growing up to be responsible adults.

It’s easy to blame others; I even find online card players who blame their bad playing on others. But it’s avoiding reality and the responsibility to try to do better. We should have no respect for those who won’t take responsibility for their actions.

Roy Berger

Arroyo Grande

Post office drains water

It looks to me like the Nipomo branch of the United States Post Office did not get the bulletin from the Nipomo Community Services District to conserve water. It probably got lost in the mail. Why else, at this time, would they make the decision to install water-consuming sod?

Well, I guess I could look at the bright side and see that the water running across the sidewalk and down the curb is going into the water retention basin and back into our groundwater supply.

One more example of our dollars down the drain.

Tim Scott


Middle East breakdown

I am disturbed by the cartoon from Oct. 2 which shows a missile from Iran striking the White House while its occupants are lamenting that we were being nice to them. There is no harm in talking to Iran, which is in fear of an attack from Israel. Their missiles are meant to be a deterrent.

We are interested in calming that part of the Middle East by discussing the concerns of the two nations with them. If Israel would make a generous settlement with the Palestinians and Iran opened its nuclear program to United Nations inspection, peace might be achieved.

After the Holocaust, our prejudiced Congress should have invited fearful European Jews to America. Displaced, they believed they had a right to a homeland in Palestine. They fought and defeated the Arab opposition. General Marshall saw the future danger to us and advised Truman not to recognize Israel, which of course angered Muslims.

Iran does see the United States as an enemy for two reasons. Together with Britain, we overthrew their government in 1953 and installed the hated Shah. Our Congress continues to support Israel as it takes more Palestinian land.

Ken Rice


A big waste of time

I would like to see those folks who think tanks and cannons in front of the vets’ hall are a good idea, and those who think a peace symbol better, meet in front of the vets’ hall, rent some of those sumo wrestler outfits and go at it. Followed by a barbecue, music, dancing and a discussion on how we can quit wasting our time arguing and get together to do something good for our community, and maybe the world.

Mike Beachman

Morro Bay