Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/10

Not worth the attention

I am concerned that the media is giving Glenn Beck more attention than he deserves, treating him as though he is the voice of the people.

Beck is merely a rabble rouser, one who stirs up racial hatred and paranoia for their own sake.

His show calls itself news, but he deliberately distorts the facts and simply makes things up. I am one of many who have written to his sponsors telling them what we think of his “news.” I understand many of his sponsors have dropped him.

Please have your eyes wide open when reporting on Glenn Beck.

Kathleen Dewey

San Miguel

Free speech right

Stop whining, Judith Newman (Letters, Sept. 29).

If Time magazine was in the throes of a love affair with Glenn Beck, they certainly would have chosen a different cover shot.

Glenn is not the first, nor the last to have his reputation manipulated by the liberal progressive movement using Time, as well as other platforms.

All your letter proves is that it’s working and you have puppet strings attached to your wrists and ankles.

An American citizen, even if he is simply an annoying TV commentator with a following too numerous to ignore, deserves as much respect in regard to free speech as was given to foreign dictators that have also graced Time’s pages.

Lorie Bray

Paso Robles

Arrogant U.S.

The articles regarding Iran’s nuclear talks and programs refuel my disgust with the United States’ audacious arrogance. For the United States to be the “police chief” of the world for nuclear proliferation screams hypocrisy.

The United States has assisted Israel with its nuclear program, and for the past 40 years it is believed has shielded its nuclear weapons from international scrutiny. But we demand Iran expose themselves.

What about our own Congress considering sending $3 billion for the Pakistan military, a nation that Bruce Riedel of the Bookings Institute describes as, “having more terrorists per square mile than any place else on Earth and has a nuclear weapons program that is growing faster than anywhere else on Earth.” Not to mention Pakistan’s nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who sold his nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea. His punishment: temporary house arrest. Today he is free to travel anywhere in Pakistan.

We continue to use Cold War tactics of nuclear threat as a means to control through fear. It is obvious this does not work and, in fact, has backfired. The only way to defuse the threat of a nuclear armageddon is total nuclear disarmament. Let us begin now.

Craig Kelso

Paso Robles

A matter of style

Thank you for the “Captured moments of shared humanity” story (Sept. 30) describing Cal Poly students’ humanitarian efforts in bringing wheelchairs to people with disabilities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

As a community, we should be proud of our students for volunteering their time, energy and compassion to help others. I encourage readers to visit the photo exhibit at the SLO Art Center, Oct. 15 through 25, and to purchase prints that will benefit the Wheelchair Foundation’s continuing efforts.

I would like to mention, though, in reference to the article’s photo-caption, “Cal Poly student visits with a wheelchair-bound girl,” that the AP Stylebook, the style and usage guide updated annually by the Associated Press, instructs writers not to use “wheelchair-bound” or “confined to a wheelchair” when referring to people using wheelchairs. A preferred term is “wheelchair-user.” People use wheelchairs for independent mobility and are neither confined nor bound to them any more than someone is confined or bound to their shoes. It is a simple, yet important distinction.

J. Trey Duffy

Disability Resource Center, Cal Poly

Party agendas

I read Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Viewpoint (Sept. 23) with attention and interest.

McCarthy stated that almost 80 percent of the people attending his town hall meeting were opposed to the health care reform bill, H.R. 3200. Has Congressman McCarthy, or any of the persons attending the meeting read the over 1,000-page document? Furthermore, does anyone who has read it, understand it sufficiently to have an opinion? And lastly, what will be the effects of the more than 500 proposed amendments to H.R. 3200? That affects almost every citizen of this country.

The congressman says the present solution, “... creates a new trillion-dollar spending program.” Congressman, what is your solution? How much willit cost? Your “solution” was motherhood and apple pie, who wouldn’t be in favor of that?

I am a reasonably intelligent, well-read person who has no idea what the bill says or who is telling the truth; the Democrats and the liberal media?

The Republicans and the conservative media? One thing I am sure of is that both parties are playing politics with an issue that affects almost everyone in this country. The only issue both parties care about is pushing their own party’s agenda.

Please, Congress, step up and try to do what’s best for the country, not your political party.

David A. Sumi

San Luis Obispo

Murtha’s private airport

There was an interesting vote recently on whether to continue funding John Murtha’s airport in Pennsylvania. We subsidize every passenger that flies out of this airport to the tune of $100 a seat. This is really Murtha’s private airport.

This is pork barrel spending at its worst. Of course, both California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer voted to continue funding this waste of our taxes. It would be nice if you could find the time to cover items like this partisan vote, as only four Democrats voted against the powerful head of the House Defense Appropriations Committee.

Michael Felts

Pismo Beach

Truth of Mission Period

I view with concern the adoration in your paper of Junipero Serra (Sept. 20), a mission father who decimated 100,000 American Indians and held in servitude thousands of others, who maltreated the local Indians beyond any rational belief. It is bad enough that he is representative of California in the Statuary Hall along with Ronald Reagan, another non-Californian, without all this talk of sainthood.

Please publish the truth about the Mission Period in California.

Syd Brown

Los Osos