Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/9

Just a power grab

Cap-and-trade legislation solves nothing; it is a scam and will neither reduce carbon dioxide emissions nor make fuels less costly. It’s essentially a tax, as the government is causing this increase in cost.

If Company A produces seven tons of CO2 with a cap of five tons, it must buy (trade) with another company which produces two tons less than their cap. Company A still emits seven tons of CO2 for no net reduction, and the government gets to decide winners and losers. You can bet that the government will also tax that transaction.

With companies like Goldman Sachs and Al Gore’s company, which trade in the assets they say will absorb that extra two tons of CO2, Company A can buy (trade) to offset their extra emissions. Company A can still emit its seven tons, so no reduction in CO2. Goldman Sachs and Al Gore make the money while Company A and the people get a raw deal.

The government and bureaucrats will be making these decisions on what to cap, who to cap and how much the trade should cost. This is nothing more than a power grab by the government.

Norm Blomberg



Helping our community prepare for disaster is at the heart of the Red Cross mission in San Luis Obispo County.

We are urging everyone to participate in the Great California ShakeOut which is scheduled for Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m. Please join individuals, businesses, schools and community organizations throughout the state in the largest drill of its kind ever held.

We live in earthquake country, so at 10:15 on 10/15 take this opportunity to practice how to drop, cover and hold on. You can learn more by visiting our Web site at www.slo-redcross.org.

Natalie Schaefer

American Red Cross, San Luis Obispo County

Siren call of fear

Damn the expense, say Republicans so far as it concerns war.

The cost of adding more troops and equipment in Afghanistan is a “no-brainer” to Republicans whose support of the military is well known.

The Axis of Evil of the George W. Bush administration and the Iraq War that followed, as well as Afghanistan, has drained American wealth in money and lives far beyond reasonable expectation. Yet the beat goes on.

But the effort to reduce expenses and establish friendly relations with all nations so that Americans can have the health care coverage they deserve is criticized by Republican big-spenders as a waste. They are willing to spend lavishly to kill or suffer losses abroad, but condemn President Obama for wanting to protect and save American lives at home.

The Party of God does these things because it wants again to control our government and the world, and decide how we should live and even die.

Don’t let it happen; there is no logic in Republican propaganda regardless of how persuasive it may seem. And it is the worst imaginable thing that could happen to us if we submit to its siren call of fear.

Ken Ramey

Paso Robles


Victor Davis Hanson says, “Another cause of the new rudeness is that the country is fragmenting” (Sept. 21).

The “fragmenting” is not political, it is a direct result of government largesse (handouts) to one group and then another.

Tell Congress to stop redistributing wealth and we will, once again, be a nation of loyal Americans, not subsets of groups all hoping for a handout or some special treatment.

If we don’t let the media say we are clamoring for this or that action in Washington because we know we can take care of it and ourselves right here at home, Congress will not be able claim they must solve this or that problem for us. Join a tea party near you!

Gail Lightfoot, Richard Venable

San Luis Obispo Libertarian Party

Cleaning house

Recent letters (Sept. 19) regarding Joe Wilson’s “liar” comment and Kevin McCarthy’s failure to represent have caught my attention. It appears that both authors are looking at only one side of things.

True, the forum for Wilson’s comments was not appropriate, but recent Obama comments have shown the truth: “I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

And, I wonder where the author was hiding when John Kerry and Al Gore openly accused George Bush of being a liar, war criminal, murderer, butcher, traitor and stupid. Also, how about Bill Clinton’s lies that led to his impeachment.

As for McCarthy, wasn’t he voicing his party’s position and the majority opinion? What’s wrong with that? And, if the health care revision passes, there may very well be a severe financial impact on seniors.

The foregoing comments expose how galvanized we all have become. We attack differing opinions rather than examining the core of dissent. We need minds that are open and a willingness to abandon stern political stances and use our vote to eliminate deadwood politicians. The power of our vote along with sound reasoning will get it.

Here’s for cleaning House ... and the Senate.

Harry James

Paso Robles

Can’t please ’em all

Even though I had told myself I wouldn’t anymore, I read Bill O’Reilly’s commentary on Oct. 3. The often-stated Tribune policy of publishing different perspectives to stimulate debate notwithstanding, O’Reilly couldn’t put together two cogent paragraphs in the attempt to make his point.

Contrast his drivel to David Brooks’ magnificent commentary “The next American culture war,” only two days before.

Whereas O’Reilly’s highlight suggests President Obama may not be able to “walk and chew gum at the same time,” Brooks’ conclusion that the United States must restore economic values by replacing the current consumer economy with a producer economy, follows a skilled string of logic to demonstrate that we are on the brink of losing the greatness this country has achieved.

One essay, journalism at its best; the second, a poorly conceived attempt to further a bizarre personal agenda. Come on, Tribune, feigning neutrality in the light of such a disparity is unacceptable. You cannot please everyone. What are your values?

Mike Broadhurst


Beck no patriot

Glenn Beck’s face on the cover of Time magazine reminds me of Hitler on all the magazine covers before World War II.

Racial hate and fear pours out of Beck as he attempts to split our nation. Beck is dangerous like a terrorist that is home born.

He is a representative of Fox News, and advertisers are beginning to realize that a good product does not need to sponsor a sick man to sell their goods. Do not buy products sponsoring Glenn Beck and his toxic messages. He is not a patriot.

Justin Purchin

San Luis Obispo