Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/8

Mission celebration

I want to express my heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers and staff for the wonderful celebration commemorating the reopening of Mission San Miguel. On Friday I had the honor of participating in the reopening ceremony. This jewel of the Central Coast is not only a reminder of our state’s rich cultural history, but is important to the economy of the local area.

The devastating San Simeon Earthquake threatened the literal foundation of this important historical structure. It has been six years since the earthquake, and with the community’s overwhelming support, we were able to celebrate the re-opening of this piece of living history. This reopening would not have been possible without the tenacious dedication of countless volunteers and donors.

Just as this building is a part of our history — we are now a part of its history.

Abel Maldonado

Senator, 15th District

Eyes on ammo bill

Why has The Tribune not written about AB962 (the California ammo bill) that was passed by both Democratic-controlled legislative branches and now sits on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk to be signed or vetoed? Do you not know about this bill or are you silently choosing to not inform the public? The public definitely needs to know about it and most people I’ve talked to have not heard about it.

If he does not veto this by Oct. 11, it will require law-abiding citizens in this state to give their personal information and thumb-print every time they buy ammo and makes it illegal to obtain ammo via the Internet or by mail. This is California government interfering with citizens’ federal constitutional 2nd Amendment rights.

This makes it harder for us in California to obtain ammo (this last year has been especially difficult to obtain it locally), and is a direct registering of those who buy ammo. Down the road this will lead to tracking us down and eventual confiscation by a corrupt government. This bill has no useful purpose otherwise. If this bill becomes law, criminals will disregard it because they are criminals.

Please let your readers know about this bill.

Doug Cannon


We need the help

After reading the verdict on Dan De Vaul’s jury trial, I hope Deputy District Attorney Craig Van Rooyen and his office, while deciding whether to refile charges on the five issues that ended up in a deadlock, will take my tax dollar and put it to better use.

I also hope code enforcement will now allow a licensed contractor to inspect the barn to establish if it is safe enough to have permits issued so that it can be  brought up to code and made into a safe home for the homeless, allowing them to get off the streets and out of the creek beds.

Every day we are getting more homeless people. I realize that in the future a 160-bed unit will be built on Prado Road and that will help, but the project will not be large enough to house the need now, let alone future needs. Let’s try to get help for Sunny Acres so that it can continue to help those less fortunate among us. San Luis Obispo County needs all the help it can get.

Betty Woody

Avila Beach

O’Reilly’s lies

Bill O’Reilly’s Sept. 26 column typically consists of lies and demagoguery. He criticizes Obama for being a “kinder, gentler president.” “The Bush administration basically did what it wanted to do without world approval,” he states.

“The signature achievement of the Bush years was a ruthless campaign against terrorists. And it worked. Al-Qaeda was decimated.” Al-Qaeda decimated? Surely you jest, Bill!

The “signature achievement” of Bush/Cheney was starting a war on false premises, against a country that had nothing to do with Sept. 11 or Al-Qaeda. Had the same resources been deployed in Afghanistan, there would be no terrorist threat today.

O’Reilly considers Obama’s policy of engagement and consensus-building a failure. He claims France no longer supports tough sanctions against Iran and the Obama administration cannot persuade Russia to cooperate against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Last Friday, President Nicolas Sarkozy stated, “Let us not allow the Iranian leaders to buy time while the centrifuges are turning. And if by December there is no significant change in policy on the part of the Iranian leaders, sanctions will have to be taken.” Russia declared that Iran’s nuclear program “violates decisions of the United Nations Security Council,” and has demanded the Atomic Energy Agency investigate the Iranian nuclear site immediately.

Zaf Iqbal

San Luis Obispo

Missed the point

It was very kind of Richard Placak to offer to give Brian Bethke a ride to the airport (Letters, Sept. 30), but I fear that Mr. Placak misses the point.

I am sure that he has good health insurance and wishes to keep it, but he makes no reference to the tens of millions of Americans who have no such insurance, or suffer inadequate coverage.

We educate our children through our tax dollars because we understand that an ignorant public tends to be less productive than an educated one.

By the same token, we should have tax-paid health coverage, as an unhealthy citizen is also an unproductive citizen.

I consider proper health care to be as much of an American right as an education, and our gross domestic product would be considerably enhanced by having a healthier population.

Clement Salvadori