Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/7

Don’t dismiss

Ronald Mac missed the mark in the examples he cited to justify his voting privileges as a member of CalPERS in his Sept. 21 letter, “CalPERS membership.”

I, as many other Californians do, make the choice to pay for a membership to Costco and enjoy the benefits of shopping therein; and there are many citizens of this state that made the choice to join the Moose Lodge and other service organizations.

Those shopping clubs and service organizations do not ask nonmembers to help support them. However, CalPERS is funded not only by you, Mr. Mac and the other members, but it is also funded by every other taxpaying citizen of California whose taxes are used to fund the public agencies that pay the employer portion of the CalPERS revenue and provide the jobs that the CalPERS members enjoy.

So please do not be so quick to dismiss non-members, and do be more judicious in selecting the examples you use for justification in the future.

Albert Quaglino

Arroyo Grande

Forget the little fish

Bill Brennan was right (“Delta water crisis a cause for concern,” Sept. 22). The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta’s water situation deserves our attention. Especially concerning are the 40 percent of farmers now out of work in Fresno County, and the water that is entirely available to them.

The pumps aren’t closed due to drought; they are closed to protect a tiny fish. The drought exacerbates the problem but is not the problem itself.

The problem is that environmental activists with noble enough ideals have railroaded our state. Fresno is a dust bowl. Fishing is no longer a viable industry in Morro Bay. Businesses are fleeing California for states with less stringent environmental restrictions.

Our state is broke. Now is not the time to worry about poor little fish. Let’s bring business back to California first and focus on the environment when we actually have the resources to rebuild our infrastructure.

Nick Powell

Morro Bay

Blackhawk brother

I was delighted to read your article about the Blackhawk Division of the U.S. Army infantry. My brother-in-law, Lt. Col. Richard Taft Benson, served in that division. He was one of those who paraded down the streets of Los Angeles upon the return of Blackhawks.

I hope that his name is written among those of all his companions. The effort it took to erect the monuments is very much appreciated.

Kay K. Thompson


What was the point?

So how much did this De Vaul trial foolishness cost the taxpayers? His conviction on but two misdemeanors tells you just how wrong the trial was in the first place.

And then there’s the gag order restriction, and the revelation that the district attorney will not seek jail time for Mr. De Vaul anyway.

That means the reason for the entire exercise was ... what? Please — I’d really like to know.

John Winthrop


Change of focus

I don’t think any theater will fly in Atascadero. The Internet and Netflix have that sewn up. Also, a lot of the retail business has dissolved in the Carlton Hotel area of Atascadero. It might be wiser to invest in assisted care living facilities or convalescent homes. We’re all getting old in this town.

John Laycak


Any day now

All accomplishments attributable to our great nation (the most powerful, the most tolerant, the most desirable place on Earth to live) were all brought forth by hardworking people in a strong, free-market economy, not on government largesse.

I have called upon President Obama to drop everything else and concentrate on the economy. Start by pulling out all the stops to strengthen the dollar, to see that it remains the world’s reserve currency by applying sound money policies.

Once our dollar resumes its rightful place in world economics, I’ve asked him to revamp our regulatory policies and fit them to allow capitalism free reign ... then watch what free men and women can do.

The course we are pursuing right now is the wrong one for free men and women and could lead to financial ruin. At the very least, this course will ensure our nation will remain in crushing debt ... forever!

I’m hoping to hear back from the president. Any day now.

Rex Allen

Paso Robles