Letters to the Editor

Viewpoint: Helping local children in need

Thank you so much for your generosity in thinking me worthy of your “well-dressed bouquet” (Sept. 11). What a great honor. However, there are many more people who have helped the children in need who truly deserve some acknowledgement.

The many good-hearted families at Shell Beach Elementary School, in addition to my many wonderful Facebook friends, are the ones who donated the countless items of beautiful, quality clothing. If it weren’t for their generous donations, the back-to-school clothing giveaway would not have reached the fantastic levels of success that it did. The moms at Shell Beach Elementary School are an army of good-hearted women who came together to help the children in need, and to me they are heroes to the many disadvantaged children in our local community.

There are many local children in our community who are in great need of clothing, shoes and school supplies. These children come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. Whatever the reasons, they could use an extended hand from the local community to help provide these disadvantaged children with decent clothes, shoes that fit, backpacks instead of plastic bags to carry their school supplies in and even the simplest of things such as new underwear and socks.

This is something that as a community we can all help with, and it doesn’t necessarily have to cost anybody any money. Those of us with children have clothes our children have outgrown; if you have any you’d like to recycle and donate, please contact me. For those of you who don’t have hand-me-down clothing but would like to help and can afford to purchase a $25 gift card from Payless Shoes Source, or a package of underwear or socks, it would be greatly appreciated by a local child who desperately needs it. These are items that are usually too worn out for hand me downs and really need to be purchased instead.

Charlissa Skinner, principal of Lucia Mar’s Adult Education School in the Oceano Community Center building, has graciously made room for us to work out of their facility so that we can have a home base to organize, store and distribute the clothing. Thank you so much, Mrs. Skinner.

I will be coordinating between the families who are making donations — sorting and organizing the donated items and then distributing them to the children affiliated with the following entities: 

A local clothing bank for children is a much-needed resource that our community can easily create. Should you want to help, please contact me at lisaraysdg@gmail.com or on Facebook at Lisa Ray’s Donation Group. On Facebook we have been documenting our progress and have many pictures to share.

Thank you so much, Opinion Editor Stephanie Finucane, for sharing our message with your readers. Your exposure has helped make a difference for our local children in need.

Lisa Ray is a Pismo Beach resident who runs Mama Lisa’s Newborn Care.