Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/5

Beck is no Murrow

Glen Beck has used his faux news program to confuse his audience into thinking that because he cares about the American people (not the health care corporations), he is free to call people in our administration communists and racists in the name of journalism.

Fighting health care initiatives, he even asked for our support as he, like another icon in journalism, Edward R. Murrow, stuck his neck out for uncovering the “hard, real story.”

Beck’s forked tongue has elevated his position and confused his audience with faulty analogies, as always. Glen is no Edward R. Murrow.

A short history lesson for Glen: Edward R. Murrow did stick his neck out by taking down a powerful Joe McCarthy, who was then calling anyone who offended him a communist.

It’s time for real journalists in media or sponsors on Fox to take down Glen. Masquerading as a real think-tank journalist, Glen admits his biases, often calls others inflammatory names like Marxist, socialist or communist; but worst of all, he called the president a racist on his faux news program. This is not close to journalism, but closer to anti-American slander, which Murrow abhorred.

Lars Enyart Nipomo

Respect opinions

All due respect to Judith Newman’s letter regarding Glenn Beck (Sept. 29); it speaks reams of how Democrats view anyone’s views other than their own. 

She calls him hateful, racist and a fear-monger. Others view him as a teacher and historian; and one who makes people think. Why is it wrong to be thoughtful? 

She sees Time magazine turning on Democrats, as they usually only see things in a liberal sense. How dare they?  She also views Fox News as the diabolical media. 

Beck must be effective and threatening to her party, as she is attacking him. If he wasn’t effective, no one would pay any attention to him. 

When can we all be just Americans and respect each other’s opinions without lashing out in anger?

Joan Le Grand Arroyo Grand

Paso’s bad example

It is disturbing that Paso Robles police Chief Lisa Solomon is obviously derelict in her duty and the city manager is doing nothing based on “7,000 days of solid service.”

I beg your pardon, Jim App, but a chief is supposed to set an example for the department. Discipline is intended to correct behavior so that it doesn’t occur again. Prior good service is used for mitigation of punishment, not an excuse for not disciplining.

What is going to happen when a Paso Robles police officer is involved in a similar incident? What precedent has been set? If an officer is disciplined for such neglect of duty and receives an admonishment, official reprimand or even days off, will the double standard diminish the department’s morale and the credibility of management?

Police officers are trained, for very obvious reasons, to be especially security conscious of weapons (both departmental and personal) and their assigned police vehicles. They are also required to notify in a timely manner their agency of additional weapons carried on- and off-duty that they have been certified to carry. Lame excuses and lack of adherence to accepted, established standards destroy credibility. The officers and community deserve a better example.

John O’Connell Shell Beach

Don’t speak out loud

County government jumped up on a chair and yelled, “Eek, there’s a mouse!” Sorry fellas, but that little mouse is just Lisa Schicker running around telling the truth.

The people of Los Osos are sitting in their under-water homes wondering what happened to their 401k’s, looking at a $200 per month sewer bill.

The project is a joke and is never going to work; but be careful about saying so out loud in public.

Jack Campbell Los Osos