Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/3

Junk the Patriot Act

The time for revoking the Patriot Act and passing the new Justice Act is now. People should not have to live in fear of being jailed and/or abused because of their religion, ethnicity and/or gender preference. It’s time to right the wrongs of the past administration and help make this new administration one of the best in the history of our country. We must work together to make the dream of true peace and justice come true.

Jason Cantu

Morro Bay

Bad policies continued

The Church Committee — a model for sustained inquiries into the government’s handling of intelligent affairs during the Cold War — must be a model for a committee to investigate the various questionable policies established by the CIA and other government agencies during the Bush administration or any other administration.

It is interesting to note that when the War on Terror became the focus of the Bush administration, the ideas advanced by the Church Committee where subverted.

During the first six months of the Obama administration, the CIA may have been training assassination agents to “get” Al Qaeda agents before Leon Panetta or Congress were notified. They also outsourced parts of an assassination program to Blackwater.

The Obama administration continues many of the Bush policies regarding state privileges in federal court in order to keep hidden the Bush secret programs.

What the Church Committee should be noted for is their illuminating the concept that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The CIA’s tendency is to counter any control by stating that any Congressional oversight will destroy programs aimed at the country’s security.

A new committee patterned after the Church Committee is certainly necessary today to expose the crimes and misdemeanors that have been committed by some government agencies.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande

Beck the divider

I am writing this letter to hopefully reach some people who believe Glenn Beck represents an honest response to current political debate. Mr. Beck’s broadcast uses racial fear and paranoia to divide the country we all love. He behaves in a most anti-American way by trying to destroy us from within.

Our country needs to work together in this dangerous time. People like Mr. Beck are divisive and dangerous and should be called out for their lies and distortions.

We need to work hard America. Honest work. Let’s get started by saying no to people like Glenn Beck. He has nothing but hate to offer.

Gregory Ross

Arroyo Grande

Good coverage

Kudos for your in-depth coverage of California’s fiscal mess. Your series, including articles from the Sacramento Bee, makes our situation much easier to understand as well as making finger pointing and whining more foolish.

Now, of course, it’s time for us to do something about it. Let’s hope our legislators have the courage to change, or we have the courage to change legislators if they don’t.

Michael Morin


Support appreciated

Thank you to all that attended, planned on attending and forgot to attend the San Luis Obispo County Airport Day.

A special “thank you” is given to the Experimental Aircraft Association San Luis Obispo Chapter 170, their board and members for sponsorship of this event.

Supporters of this long-running annual program include:

John L. Eichler

Event chair, Airport Day 2009