Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/1

Time for action

I support national and state standards for renewable energy and green technology. Our nation must encourage serious investment in these two things in order to meet the challenges of growing the economy and creating jobs in the 21st century. By creating opportunities for a green economy, the United States can stay competitive with other nations.

I thank the House of Representatives, which passed a historic energy and climate bill in June, an important first step toward fighting climate change and creating new jobs and new industries while helping American families save money on energy bills.

For too long, the United States has been slow to respond to or even recognize the magnitude of the climate change threat. The time for action is now.

Kelly Reed


‘Bravo SLO!’ a hit

My 4-year-old has been professing her love of “Pops by the Sea” to friends and strangers alike. Now she is talking about “Bravo SLO!”

In line at the grocery store she says, “We saw so many dancers and singers at the PAC, but Michael Nowak wasn’t there.” Little does she know this weekend is “No Ties Required.”

We are fortunate to have so many community events that four-year-olds form Michael Nowak fan clubs. So, bravo SLO for a fantastic event at the Performing Arts Center and for making arts accessible to children all year.

April Brassfield

Grover Beach

Debate sensibly

If this new health bill is so important, why can’t Congress and the president debate it sensibly, fully disclose all facets of it to the public for their input, and then pass it. They should take their time and get it right.

Bush rushed us into war with Iraq, and then into TARP. Now Obama has rushed us into a billion-dollar stimulus (pork) plan, and is trying to do the same with health care.

Robert Hyde

Morro Bay

Where to lay blame

I’ve been reading the articles and letters and such regarding drinking at Cal Poly. It’s interesting to note that this has been going on for a very long time. I can remember the same dialogue (unfortunately) back in the early 1950s.

The biggest question I have is why anyone is to blame except the young people themselves and, most importantly, their parents? They didn’t just leave high school sober and walk into Cal Poly and become drunks.

If we need to lay blame, this might just be something to think about.

Ann Bergstresser


Beck’s book

A few nights ago, I watched the CBS World News with Katie Couric. She interviewed Glen Beck about his new book, and it was disclosed at the end of the interview that this new book was published by a company that CBS owns.

I think they should call it The QVC World News.

Tom Mills

Paso Robles

Market state parks

Why does State Parks do such a bad job of marketing their product? Tourists traveling our local highways are often unaware they are passing one of our beautiful state parks. Where are the signs telling people they are passing Harmony Headlands, Estero Bluffs or Hearst San Simeon State Park? Where is the invitation to pull of the highway and visit these treasures? Tourists will use these parks if they know where they are.

When visitors finish their walks or hikes, they will likely visit a close town to spend tourist dollars.

State Parks would be smart to follow the National Park and National Forest services, who do a great job identifying and “selling” their parks. William Adams

Los Osos

Obama, Afghanistan

President Barack Obama hasn’t had time to consider General Stanley McChrystal’s assessment report of NATO’s military efforts in Afghanistan. The report has been on his desk since the end of August. My son has been serving with the Marines in Afghanistan for several months. He’s been busy, too. He slogs through chest-high water while patrolling through irrigation canals to avoid IEDs hidden along roads. He and his fellow Marines crawl through mud, sleep on cement floors, bathe every few months, if they’re lucky, and fight every day.

Meanwhile, President Obama vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard, relaxed on the golf course, shot some hoops and laughed about baseball on the David Letterman Show. But he hasn’t had time to decide if he wants to commit his time, attention and waning presidential popularity to the fight he called in his campaign, “the right war.”

Please study the report, Mr. President, and consult with your personally selected general, General McChrystal, and make up your mind. You can handicap your golf game, but don’t handicap our troops serving under your leadership.

Susan Greenaway


Simple solution

Regarding, “Why not a peace symbol?” (Sept. 27):

The best solution is often the simplest, if you don’t like to see the cannon and the tank in front of the Vets building, then take another route. I would hope that you would relish the fact that those “terrible machines” are being used for recreation by kids and are no longer viable as destructive devices.

These former weapons are not displayed as military might, rather as a reminder of American veterans and the proud and willing sacrifices they made on our behalf in the name of the liberties and freedom we enjoy today.

Your theory that having the tank and cannon on display gives anyone the idea that war is good is ludicrous at best and ignorant at worst.

By the way, that cannon has been there at least since the early 1960s, as my brother and I used to climb all over it and hang from the barrel when we were in grade school.

Please, Ms. Jenkins, before you get all afire, visit the veterans museum. Spend some time and study the displays that commemorate our local veterans and hopefully you’ll come away with a better understanding of why the weapons are on display.

If you’re unable to stop in, the museum’s Web site is: www.vetmuseum.org.

Jeff Bringle

San Luis Obispo

Symbols of peace

Regarding, “Why not a peace symbol?” (Sept. 27):

I have a much different take on the presence of the “terrible tank” and cannon placed alongside the Veteran’s Memorial Building in San Luis Obispo. Instead, I see them as symbols that kept our country at peace for so many years. How can one acknowledge the people who served our country without including the tools which they used to keep them, as well as us, safe?

Let’s not forget that long-lasting peace is achieved through strength, not through wishful thinking and symbolic pleasantries.

Sandra Rakestraw