Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/28

Fix current programs

I find it interesting that Brian Bethke (Letters, Sept. 22) would go to the expense of flying to another country before paying for his health care premiums here. Surely it would be cheaper to pay for your insurance than fly to Europe.

Europeans pay dearly for their health care through taxes; I doubt they would be to thrilled to have Mr. Bethke freeloading on their backs.

Our politicians have made a fiasco of health care reform, you can’t deny that. Americans have had it with bank bailouts (thanks, Bush) and the stimulus package (thanks, Obama) that they signed and didn’t even read, and politicians wanted to shove through health care in the same manner.

Why don’t they start with fixing what we’ve already got. Medicare needs a lot of work, and it’s headed toward bankruptcy. The same with Social Security. If they can’t fix the government programs that we already have, I certainly don’t trust them with another.

Sharon Diehl Templeton

Support SLO band

Imagine a parade in downtown San Luis Obispo with no marching band, just floats and people on horseback quietly filing by, a football game with no music driving the team on, or a high school graduation with students entering the ceremony in silence without Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background. When you stop to think about it, our high school band provides the soundtrack to many of our hometown memories.

San Luis Obispo Instrumental Music Booster Association supports the San Luis Obispo High School band by funding many aspects of their program, and you can help. Join us for our fundraiser Jazz on Oct. 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Monday Club on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. For more information you can call 550-5387 or visit our Web site at www.slotigerband.org.

Many thanks to our supportive community.

Ed Harris San Luis Obispo Instrumental Music Booster Association

Facts on solar

You recently ran a Viewpoint by Michael Strobridge about putting solar panels on the Carrizo Plain (Sept. 24). I can appreciate his attitude about this subject, but need to point out he is mistaken about the technology of solar panels.

Mr. Strobridge says they are obsolete immediately, like computers. I work for a solar installer and can assure your readers that panels do not change quickly. I bought a system about two years ago, and the panels were 195 watts each. The new model from the same brand is 210 watts, so an increase of less than 8 percent power in two years does not make it obsolete.

Families who invest in solar will have their systems for the rest of their lives and, with paybacks in the five- to 10-year range and return on investment from 5 to 17 percent, the investment is well worth it; they are never really outdated because they work, and you own it. Not to mention the environmental benefits of solar.

Les Kangas San Luis Obispo

Sewer mockery

Your editorials describing those of us who critique the Los Osos sewer project in hopes of getting a more eco-friendly and economical project have consistently labeled us as “malcontents ... (in a) weekly gripefest” (“Blabberers of Los Osos, put a sock in it” Feb. 1, 2008). And in the Sept. 25 editorial, after viciously mocking Lisa Schicker, you wrote, “The circus surrounding the sewer project needs to end now.”

Your editorial tone each time seems purposely disrespectful and degradating to those citizens of Los Osos who are presenting reasonable objections to various aspects of the project proposed by the county; the many changes recently made by the Planning Commission show that at least some of the issues brought forth by the “blabberers” were correct.

I’m okay with The Tribune having a different opinion than myself about the sewer project — that’s democracy — but I am not okay with the attitude of mean-spirited mockery and disregard expressed in your editorials.

Bo Cooper Los Osos

Preserve species

Please use common sense, as the future should not bring only pictures in a book of what was once a live species on this wonderful planet. To only want humans is such a sad statement to future generations yet to be born.

Ignorance is no excuse! There is a reason all life was put on the planet, and no common man should make decisions on such global levels that can never be reversed in any lifetime.

John Marzich Arroyo Grande

Airport Day thanks

Thank you to all that attended or planned on attending and forgot to attend the San Luis Obispo County Airport Day. A special “thank you” is given to the Experimental Aircraft Association San Luis Obispo Chapter 170, their board and members for sponsorship of this event.

Supporters of this long-running annual program include:

John L. Eichler Event chair, Airport Day 2009