Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/27

Enforce the phone law

Just a suggestion on a method to collect monies needed to offset some cuts in the county budget. Having come within inches of being rear ended, broadsided, run over while crossing the street in a crosswalk, etc., might I suggest that the law that has been enacted for some time be rigidly enforced. That is the law that makes it illegal to use your cell phone while operating a vehicle in the state of California.

Apparently it is not a very popular law, considering the dozens of people one can see daily breaking the law.

Guy Snell Atascadero

Export the prisoners

The solution to California’s ridiculously expensive prison system seems obvious — outsource the prisons. First-time offenders stay in California and are educated, treated for mental illness and given substance abuse treatment. Second-time offenders are sent to an outsourced prison. The benefits are:

1. Saving the taxpayers money.

2. Helping the economies of developing nations.

3. The likelihood of three-time offenders will be little or none.

Shirley McIntyre Bird Atascadero

Feed the hungry

We live here in San Luis Obispo County — in the salad bowl of the world — and yet life is not swell for many. Hunger and poverty are rampant.

Come out of your castles and do what you can to help someone else. Teach someone how to grow food. Give food to others. Contribute to the Food Bank. Please do something. The wolves are at the door.

Nancy O’Connor Los Osos

Why not a peace symbol?

I drive by the Veterans Memorial Building on Grand Avenue in San Luis Obispo several times a day, and I do want to thank all the wonderful men and women who have served in our armed forces. But I do not like to see that terrible tank out on the grounds with many small children climbing all over it and pretending to be in the Army.

And now there is a cannon on the other side of the grounds.

It seems that some people just want to show off those terrible machines of destruction and war. It just gives young people the idea that war is good. Why can’t the veterans have some peace signs or something other than machines of war and killing?

I know anyone who has lived through a war and fought for our country loves to spend much time talking about it but please, let’s start thinking about peace instead of war.

Stella Jenkins San Luis Obispo

Dalidio foes everywhere

I see the opponents of the Dalidio project have reared their ugly heads again. Who are these secret, shadow contributors? Who is spending thousands of dollars to stop it at any cost?

The Tribune could do a service to the citizens who voted for it by publishing the names of the ones financing this movement.

What are their real reasons? Is it fear of competition? Could it be jealousy, big money talking again or just plain meanness?

Carolyn Garver San Luis Obispo

Solar-powered disgust

Regarding solar plants in the Carrisa Plains:

There is an obvious and easy answer to the dogs-in-the-manger opposing the solar plants on the Carrisa Plains: the greatest good for the greatest number. Your personal objections to building what is needed where it is appropriate are disgusting and despicable.

Donald P. Grant San Luis Obispo

The right way to say liar

In response to Rosemarie Carrington’s letter of Sept. 19, I agree that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst at the president’s address to the joint session of Congress was inappropriate.

If I may be so bold, I think Obama is a liar, and it is appropriate for me to express that in this forum (a letter to the editor).

Obama insults my intelligence every time he mentions government health care (government control).

Mike Morgan Los Osos

Goal is to stop reform

The current health care debate illustrates all the features of politics in America today. Mainly we see the corporations, in this case insurance and drug companies, using their economic power to assault democracy on many fronts. The worst form is through industry-funded fake grassroots groups that mobilized to shout down citizens at public forums. They don’t want information and discussion; they want to stop it.

The Democrats refuse real reform because they are beholden to large corporate interests. Obama fears the corporations would fund their defeat in future elections. So they push tiny reforms that won’t offend their paymasters.

The Republicans are horrified that people could take matters into their own hands and cut the corporations out of the deal. The corporations and their political stooges have convinced many people of downright falsehoods. Seniors on Medicare (government health care) are saying don’t let the government get involved in health care.

The Green Party advocates cost-efficient, highly effective health care for all: a “single-payer” system of government health care insurance and private health care providers (doctors and hospitals). And public opinion surveys over decades have shown most people support this. Sadly, citizens are the fringe in the American political system.

Orval Osborne San Luis Obispo