Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/24

Public complaints

As neighbors of Sunny Acres, we are appalled by the headline “Mulholland calls started De Vaul case” (Sept. 15). County codes enforcement official Jill Bennett’s statement was only a minor part of the day’s testimony, the main thrust being that Dan De Vaul “not only systematically violated codes, but willfully ignored requests to comply.”

Worse, the mistaken impression given by this headline, articles in The Tribune and Letters to the Editor is that Christine Mulholland is the ringleader of complaints to code enforcement.

Our concerns about the noisy motorcycle racetrack and the accumulation of junk about 100 yards from some of our windows began years before Ms. Bennett’s watch, long before we knew there was a “clean and sober” facility on the property.

Naturally we took our complaints to Ms. Mulholland, as she was our City Council representative. Many of us also repeatedly called Art Trinidade at county code enforcement, not anonymously. The junk pile and dirt kept increasing, and if our calls diminished by the time Ms. Bennett came, it was because we eventually gave up.

Not neighbors’ heartlessness, but Mr. De Vaul’s disrespect for rules and common civility, has prevented Sunny Acres from becoming a legitimate facility and an asset to the neighborhood.

Virginia Bass, Vince and Katherine Uhler, Larry Parker, Frank and Rose Combs, Peter E. Hubbard, Meg Crockett and Frederick Clegg, Judy Cardwell, Julie Workman, Roger and Laura Freberg, John and Mary Robinson, Joe Alioto, Martha and Al Dreke, Liz Geisen and Bob Johnson

San Luis Obispo

Inside looking out

Regarding “Trial begins against De Vaul” (Sept. 12):

Wow, a person must be really bored or they don’t have a life if the only excitement they get is looking out their front window through a telescope, watching the homeless.

Steve Molter

San Luis Obispo

Mulholland exposed

The only good thing that’s coming out of the railroading of Dan De Vaul is that it has exposed Christine Mulholland for the “born-with-a-silver-spoon” elitist that she is.

She clearly has more interest in protecting her view than protecting the citizens of our town or helping those folks that no one seems to want to help. Even her latest letter to the editor stressed the need to save some cypress trees rather than secure the safety of the local pedestrians or help the local merchants. She must be able to see those trees from her house.

The really good news is that now she could not be elected county dog catcher.

M.V. Taylor