Letters to the Editor

Playing with trucks

The wrongness of humankind is writ large (and small) in The Tribune on Oct. 9: On the front page, the oversized obscenity of a beachjumping truck assails the reader.

The accompanying remark that “we will continue to play with our trucks” should only be uttered by a 4-year-old and reminds us that adults behaving like children are ruining the planet.

Also on the front page, but both wrong and could-be-worse, is the latest assault on Spencer Stone. Luckily in this case, the attacker did not have a gun, and Mr. Stone will, we hope, survive.

Perhaps the worst “wrongness” is tucked away quietly in the letters to the editor section in a “thank you” for the liberty to burn wood. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the haze of wood smoke, which is choking Malaysia, while the Fresno Bee headlines an article: “Fire soot Defend yourself.” Why is wrong so right?