Letters to the Editor

Cut the food portions

I recently saw an article describing how much food the U.S. throws away each year and I immediately thought of the ultra-large portions presented in restaurants today.

The notion that more is better is stupid and certainly contributes to our waistlines (if it’s in front of us, we eat it), higher costs and prices.

How about offering sensible portions? Or size options? S/M/L.? That would be terrific!

My wife and I would appreciate it and would be willing to pay the same price as we do for the super-sized version.

We don’t order those dishes because we hate to waste food!

What’s that you say? Lots of people take what they can’t eat home in a go-box?

Of the folks that do, I bet most of you end up tossing it the next day. Restaurant food isn’t good as a leftover.

Come on restaurant owners, help save food, lower your costs and keep us from getting fatter!

At least survey your customers and get their opinions.