Letters to the Editor

Neighborhood memories

David Middlecamp’s “Poly housing shortage has postwar precedent” (Tribune, Oct. 3) took me back to 1953-56, when my family lived in Silver City and what we called Vet Ville. I cherish my childhood memories of those days. I am grateful that then-President Julian McPhee provided military surplus housing for us.

My family came back in 1963, Dad to teach at Cal Poly and I entered as a freshman, getting to live in Santa Lucia Dorm. The family bought an affordable home in the campus-adjacent Alta Vista neighborhood. Clearly, over the years we’ve experienced a lot of change in the housing situation: Under President Warren Baker, Cal Poly increased enrollment without building campus housing; once-affordable family housing in the adjacent neighborhoods morphed into rentals for groups of students, increasing neighborhood density.

The new dorm for 1,475 freshmen is being built in the wrong place — on the corner of Slack Street and Grand Avenue. We permanent residents fought that and lost. It will augment the numbers of partygoing students migrating through the neighborhoods.

I do have one minor correction to make: To get from the dorms on Grand to parties in the California Boulevard neighborhood using Slack Street, one must migrate up Slack, not “down.”