Letters to the Editor

No more gun laws

It was incomprehensible to see the ignorance of someone living in an ideological straightjacket who stepped forward to speak to the nation about Oct. 1’s tragedy in Oregon. I’m speaking of President Barack Obama, of course.

After expressing appropriate sympathy toward the victims, he launched into his usual stump speech about “gun control.”

And he did this just hours after the shooting and before anything substantial was known about the event.

When the president spoke, neither he nor the rest of the nation knew the identity of the killer, the type(s) of weapon(s) used, the methods used to acquire the weapons or the killer’s motives.

Yet the president confidently proclaimed that the solution is more gun laws, as if the thousands already on the books at the local, state and federal levels aren’t quite enough. He argues that just a few more would prevent horrible events like this one, one he knew almost nothing about as he spoke.

The president preached from his standard playbook, still not understanding that criminals and the mentally unstable have and will continue to ignore any current or future gun laws if they want a firearm badly enough.

More laws are not the answer.