Letters to the Editor

Communist idealists

In third-world economies, where the struggle for food and shelter is a daily routine, the seeds of communism are met with fertile soil. Here in the U.S., we enjoy the prosperity of free-market capitalism. In the U.S. economy, communists are faced with slim pickings, indeed.

Unperturbed by the prosperity of America, the communist idealists march on. No starvation, clean water — not a problem. They simply manufacture the horrors we face in America; our No. 1 problem: being the 1 percent, Wall Street and all that it has given us, the very prosperity we enjoy — namely capitalism.

A hard sell to the fiscally educated, those who have a modicum of understanding of capitalism’s perfection.

Enter Bernie Sanders, stage left. He has quite a fairy tale for those who care to listen: the clueless.