Letters to the Editor

Lost dog returned

My husband and I wish to thank the Atkinson/Saurez families for having their family reunion at Camp Yeager. They are from Coalinga, Sacramento and vicinities.

Our 2-year-old mixed terrier/Jack Russell, Speck, bolted out of our yard about 10 a.m. while we were getting ready for the Cambria Garden Club picnic. He disappeared very quickly, and we soon had numerous friends and neighbors searching, putting up lost signs, calling and emailing.

We were really discouraged, but ready to go out once before dark when the phone rang. I heard little but “lost dog” and “Camp Yeager.” We were there in moments, greeted by about 30 of the 100 Atkinson/Saurez clan all smiling and handing Speck to us.

We thank them all for having fun and feeding him tri-tip, but especially a heartfelt thanks to Gabby, who found the poster and then read his rescue information.

After happily getting him home, we had messages from Jane, our rescue lady! There are truly kind and caring people in our world. Thank you all!