Letters to the Editor

Water-saving ideas

Here are a few revolutionary ideas that might resolve present and future water issues:

Stop draining millions of gallons of water into the ocean daily from our reservoirs under the auspices of saving smelt (a process that has proven unsuccessful anyhow). This would also return water use for agriculture.

Stop destroying dams and cease existing plans to destroy more.

Plus, renew the process of building additional dams, since California’s population has increased exponentially over the past 20 years since one has been built.

Our larger dams produce electricity, so if we don’t destroy those big dams, we won’t have to worry about replacing that important energy source.

Establish a support program for each residence and business to install rain barrels. I have five 40-gallon barrels that are connected to the gutter drainage of my house and shed; each barrel fills up with one inch of rain. The barrels can be connected to a second one to take the overflow.

Gee, even without a college education I’ve managed to come up with these thoughts — imagine what I could do if I were an experienced environmentalist!