Letters to the Editor

Work and school

It was interesting to read about the school progress report for the county (“SLO County exceeds test expectations,” Sept. 10).

I took from this article that substandard results will serve to measure future results.

Also, very interestingly, another article on the same day evaluated our economy (“No future upswing in sight for jobs,” Sept. 10).

In this article, Mr. Harry Holzer, a Georgetown University professor and a former chief economist for the Labor Board, noted:

“On average, low-income at-risk young men don’t do as well just sitting in a classroom,” Holzer said. “I think a lot of these men would do better if we offered them high-quality work-based education.”

This puts into question the previously proposed educational premise that everyone should be educated to attend college, which resulted in systems canceling vocational programs.

It is time to admit the fallacy of this direction and re-establish these vocational programs. We cannot continue to graduate unprepared students unqualified to be successful in today’s marketplace. The workplace cannot be expected to solve this problem.