Letters to the Editor

Fond memories of Morem

I was saddened to learn of Bill Morem’s passing at such a “young” age. He did so much good work for this community before he retired.

I talked with him a few times but didn’t know him well. He was always cordial. When Dan De Vaul needed help, he ran a column about my efforts to raise money for him in a unique way. He was also a supporter of Hopes Village and knew Becky Jorgeson (the founder) from childhood, I believe.

As an editor, he always seemed to be accessible.

He once told me that the letters column was read by more people than the sports pages. I don’t know whether this is true, but it’s nice to know that anyone who can write cogently about an important subject can get some attention still — in either the printed version of the paper or the online version.

That’s another example of democracy in action. And even today, writing a letter may sometimes be more powerful than posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc.