Letters to the Editor

Needless oil trains

Yes, until we as a country are able to turn from oil/coal to more renewable sources of energy, the Phillips 66 refinery is essential.

But Phillips 66 has proposed an expansion to accommodate five oil trains with 80 to 100 cars a week bringing tar-sand crude mixed with a flammable diluent in order to be taken from the ground and shipped by oil trains.

The expansion would be on the refinery property, but the oil trains would travel all the way from Alberta, Canada, through hundreds of small and large cities and universities, endangering lives all along the rail routes.

The refinery is currently operating below 100 percent because Phillips 66 has not maintained its pipelines, not because of a lack of reliable oil supplies. There is plenty of California oil, but tar sands provide a cheaper crude, and rail is a cheap way to transport it.

Transporting oil by truck is not safe or financially feasible. Compute the number of trucks to take the place of one 80-car oil train.

I support labor concerns but not corporate Phillips 66, which falsely argues that jobs are at stake without expansion.