Letters to the Editor

Global risk

It is interesting to contemplate the developments that humans have created in their some-30,000-year history; however, there are now very strong indications that there are catastrophic events in the offing with global warming dominating other catastrophes.

We like to pride ourselves on our accomplishments, and some of them have been recognizably terrific, but unless we can come up with a universally acceptable program to reduce or eliminate these global problems, we will find ourselves in a similar pickle that the early Polynesians found themselves in when they cut down all of the trees on Easter Island, as described by Jared Diamond in his tantalizing book “Collapse.” When the last tree went, their original lifestyle also vanished.

Today’s interconnectedness poses a decided risk for global rather then local collapse. However, on the positive side, such a system can work favoring global harmony. There is very strong evidence that these bonds are now being formed globally.

We must take seriously that we are the cause of our environmental problems, we are the ones to control them and we can choose or not choose to stop causing them and start solving them.