Letters to the Editor

Rest in peace Yogi

Like thousands of baseball fans across the nation, I mourn the death of one of the greatest catchers of all time, Yogi Berra.

In my naive belief in the afterlife, I see Berra up in heaven correcting Walter Johnson’s pitching mechanics; urging Gene Woodling to become a full-time designated hitter and give up playing in the field; making a hard throw back to Tom Morgan, telling him to throw strikes; hitting home runs over the right field wall in the heavenly all-star game; and sharing his aphorisms with the heavenly sportswriter, Shirley Povich, and the heavenly game announcer, Mel Allen.

Berra is telling everyone up there, “See, I told ya. It isn’t over till it’s over.”

For those of us who first became baseball fans in the 1940s, farewell but not goodbye, Berra. We may all be joining you soon.