Letters to the Editor

Truth on rail plan

Marcus Beal says there’s “misinformation” about the Phillips 66 rail project (“Benefits of refinery,” letters, Aug. 29). He forgets to tell you:

1. He’s a management-level employee at the plant.

2. He cites the “rising cost of crude” as a reason for the plant operating at 50 percent but crude just hit a low of $39 per barrel and costs less than half of what it used to cost.

3. He says there are “dwindling sources (of crude) via pipeline.” He doesn’t say that’s because the industry shot itself in the foot by failing to maintain their pipelines (such as with the Refugio spill), so some pipelines need to be fixed and then put back to full capacity.

4. He says the project will be “entirely on (Phillips’) property.” Ridiculous! The milelong trains with diesel pollution and threats of derailments, spills, fires, etc., will be hauled throughout California and San Luis Obispo County.

5. He says Phillips 66 will have “difficulty keeping (the plant) open.” Yet their corporate spokesman said shutting the plant has never been discussed internally.

6. He says we can’t be dependent on foreign oil. Yet they want to import oil to Nipomo from Canada!

Please get real, Mr. Beal.